Theodore: 21 Months



You are 21 months!  Growing so quickly bubby boy.

-You are currently 23.5 lbs and getting taller each day.

-Wearing size 5 diapers, size 5 shoe, 18-24 month clothes and 18 month PJ's.

-Sucking that thumb, especially when you're sleepy or your teeth are hurting.

-4 incisor teeth still working their way in.

-You've been coughing a lot recently.  We're hoping this goes away soon.

-We're currently traveling around visiting family.  You've done great on the plane rides so far!  You are loving all the time and attention, but getting tired quickly.  I think your body still isn't getting used to the time changes and all the busyness.  Just glad you're sleeping at night and during naps.  Each day is a little better.

-You've been able to see Gigi, Pops, Mimi, Papa, Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Brian, Aunt Amy, Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Sally, Uncle Garvin, cousins-Aubrey, Trevor, Nora and Lucy.  You'll see more family and friends later this week!

-Babbling a lot.  Your favorite words are ball, mama and dadda.  You know what we say and communicate a lot shaking your head (very clearly) yes and no.

-You know what you like and what you don't like.  Especially with food.  If you don't like it, you spit it right out.

-Your current food favorites are bananas, nutrigrain bars, peaches, pineapples, salad (as long as it has cheese and ranch), bread and ritz crackers.  You drink tons of water everyday.

-You love watching sissy and doing what she does.  You play well together for a little bit, then try to take each others toys.

-Going down at night around 7pm and waking up around 7:30am or 8am.  Napping from 1-3:30 or 4pm everyday.

-You love balls-footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs!  You'll walk around holding them and then throw them as far as you can. 

We love you sweet boy.

-Mommy and Daddy

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Indie Grace said...

I love you Baby Boy. Enjoy Gigi, Pops, Mimi, Papa and all those aunts, uncles and cousins. I hope you feel better soon. Tee misses her little guy.