First Day in the Office


This weekend, I was officially licensed for ministry and today was my first day in the office.  I have been looking forward to full-time ministry for several years and I'm excited to get started.  Please join with me in prayer for the ministries of Edgewood Baptist.  There are many people in this area that need to be awakened to God's immense love.  I look forward to how God is going to work through our church and I'm excited to be a part of it.


Sightseeing Time


Now that we found a place to live, we are having fun seeing the sights of the area.  Today we spent the day in Seattle.  We went to Pike Place Market, Seattle Center and Tim wanted to drive by the Mariner's stadium.  After that, we walked around downtown Edmonds.

I have wanted to see a whale since we got here..and well...I finally found one right here in Edmonds.  However, there is one slight doesn't swim.  Oh well, this will do for now.  Maybe someday I'll see a real whale.


Our New Home!

Tonight, we signed the lease for our new home!  This house is definitely an answered prayer because it will more than meet our needs.  There is a rec room for all our instruments, fenced backyard for Megan's soon-to-be-found-new dog, a big deck for church gatherings, and plenty of space for visitors.  We will move in the last week of June and will send out our address at that time.  Thanks for your prayers concerning us finding a place and getting settled in.