September Wrap Up


The month of September flew by! The kids started back to soccer.  Tim is coaching Theo's team and our good friends are coaching Madelyn's.  They're both doing great and love it.  Even though some of the games are early on Saturdays, I love watching them and the joy they find in the game. 

Madelyn made chorus at school and has started practicing.  We are so proud of her and that she had the guts to tryout.  It's hard sometimes when you know there's a chance you won't make it. Love this kid and the choices she's making. 

Preschool started back up for me and subbing has picked up so I'm working pretty much every day.  We're worn out at the end of the day, but starting to figure out a good routine. 

Before school one day

Madelyn: 8 1/2 Years Old


 Madelyn Joy,

Goodness girl, we just love you so much.  We can't believe how old you are and that you're in the 3rd grade. You're doing very well in school and other activities you're involved in.  We are very proud of you!

You weigh 61 lbs and 49 3/4 in. tall

Currently in size 8/10t tops, pants and dresses.  Size 1 shoes.  Your current hairstyle is pig tails.  Pretty much every day. 

Your favorite foods are pepperoni pizza, mac and cheese, ramen, nachos, fruit and anything sweet.

Going to sleep at night around 7pm, some days earlier when it's been a long day at school.

Some of your favorite activities are soccer, dancing, swimming, crafts, computer/kindle (i-ready), reading all the books you can get your hands on, and playing with Theo and friends.

You and Theo just started up soccer again for the fall season.  This is the first time you all are on separate soccer teams.  Yours is all girls and you're loving it!







August Wrap Up


With summer wrapping up, school starting, meetings starting up for me, soccer, Tim's work schedule being crazy busy and all the inbetween, August just flew by!  I'm praying for just the best school/work year for each of us knowing that God has the best plan in place for us.

3rd grade is a lot more work for my little goosie girl.  She's doing great so far, but definitely more studying/practicing at home.  Theo is loving first grade.  We knew he would, but he's just taking off.  I'm subbing as much as possible already and enjoy seeing my kids at the place they spend most of the hours of their day.  I start back teaching preschool this week.  Both kids are very blessed with such fantastic teachers this year. Whenever Tim has a weekday off or late shift, he heads up to school to eat lunch with the kids.  So very thankful for a husband that wants to be involved in his kids lives.  Very very thankful.

Several blog updates with summer highlights.  You can find them under "Blog Archive" on the right side.

Jump Jam

First Day of School - 1st & 3rd Grade


I cannot believe my babies are in the 1st and 3rd grades.  As Madelyn says often...Mom, we've gotta grow up.  Yes, I guess you do, kiddo.  Love these two so incredibly much.  They just love school and I'm praying this continues throughout the years.  Praying for a fantastic year for these two and for God's light to shine through each of them.

July Wrap Up


July was a busy, but fun month!  We had a good time on vacation, but were very happy to be home in our own beds after three weeks of being gone.  And we were VERY happy to see Tim.  The kids missed their daddy and I missed my husband.

Once we got home, we spent lots of time with friends at the pool, lake, restaurants and just hanging out.

Hot Springs - Lake Time!


After our week in Fort Smith, we headed down to our friend Laura's lake house in Hot Springs.  More water and sun!  We were happy campers.  She was so sweet to let us borrow it for a few days.

Fort Smith


After our beach trip, the kids and I headed up to Fort Smith with my parents.  We relaxed most of the week and also had a chance to see some family.  It was a good time catching up with them.

A couple very happy kids because we found Salsaritas.

This boy loves his crafts

June Wrap Up


June was filled with lots of fun and sun!  We spent some time celebrating Tim on Father's Day.  He's just the best.  He loves and cares for our family so well.  We sure love him!

Beach Trip


Beach time!  Gigi and Pops came and picked up the kids and I in Knoxville then we headed down to Florida.  It was a fun week of relaxation and sun!  We sure missed Tim though.  He had to stay home and work this summer.  Very thankful for facetime!

Napping on the way

Popsicle time!