Life Lately


Everyone is well!!!  And there's much rejoicing.  The house is fully disinfected.  Enough that some friends felt comfortable coming over for dinner the other night.

We had our first playgroup with Salem this past week.  It was fun getting to know some of the moms a little better.  Looking forward to the next one.  But y'all, it's getting warm outside.  Glad there is a/c inside!!  It typically got around 80 in Seattle during the summer.  Gonna have to get used to this heat.  I don't mind long as there's a pool close by.  Might have to invest in a small blow up pool.  Time to go to the beach.  Soon and very soon.

selfie after playgroup - bubba photobombing the pic

Random thoughts....I've learned that I need good friends to talk about life with.  The ups and down, ins and outs, good and bad.  I have some friends in Seattle that I love so so very much.  Could call them (and still can) and they'd stop what they're doing to chat or come over.  Now I'm making some of those friendships here in Knoxville.  Thanks to all who have been praying for me to make close friends.  I know several who have been specifically praying for that, and I'm definitely seeing them answered.

MJ's Teeball Debut & Kinder Round-Up


The last 2 weeks have been long.  Tim started it off with strep, MJ was sick with what we think was the flu, then Theo sick and in the ER with the flu.  The day after I took Theo to the ER, Tim started feeling bad again.  He ended up sick and back at the doctor again.  He's still recovering, but things are looking up.  Thankful both kids and myself are healthy.

Last week, Madelyn got to play in her first teeball game.  Afterwards, I asked her favorite part and she said "shaking hands with everyone at the end".  Both kids got good hits and MJ stopped the ball a couple times. 

Oh, what a weekend


I mentioned in the last post that Madelyn has been sick and Tim had strep last week.  Thankfully both of them are feeling much better!  Madelyn has a cough that's hanging on, but other than that, almost back to her normal self.
On Friday, I could tell Theo wasn't feel like himself.  He had a fever, then a cough and runny nose developed.  Sunday night he was struggling to breathe so I took him into the ER the following morning.  Turns out he has the flu.  I'm guessing that's what Madelyn had too.
Today he's feeling much better, thankfully!

Needless to say, I've been disinfected and cleaning like crazy.  Our washer hasn't stopped running for about a week.  Praying the rest of this week and weekend is different than the last.

First Game


The kids' first teeball game was Thursday night.  Since Madelyn was running a fever, we kept her home and took just Theo.  Tim has strep throat, so he stayed home with MJ.  It was pretty cold so Theo and I bundled up and headed out to the field.

And it's Thursday


This week has flown by.  It's consisted of being outside a lot, going to the bounce house, church activities, preschool, finding a critter in our garage and sickness (boo!).

playing while Mrs. Nova is babysitting



We had such a good Easter this year.  Salem had a Broken for You service on Thursday night.  The choir sang a couple songs and we took communion.
Sunday morning was so great and very encouraging.  The choir sang a song I've been asking Tim to use for the past couple year's.  "Majesty" by Chris Tomlin and Kari Jobe; it's on his Burning Lights album.  I just love the song.  The message is fantastic and how it incorporates the hymn Crown Him with Many Crowns along with a new chorus that goes along with it.