We stayed home some for Thanksgiving most of the week, but also headed to Gatlinburg for a few days to see some of our extended McCarty family.  We headed to Ober Gatlinburg the first day.  It was lots of fun, but very cold!  The kids ice skated for the first time, rode the carousel, rode up a lift several times and played some more games.  They had such a good time, but were definitely exhausted when we left.

Theodore: 5 1/2 Years Old


Big boy,

You are 5 1/2 today.  Getting so old and grown up.  We can't believe how fast you're growing up.  Makes us sad and happy all at the same time.  Sad you're getting big and the baby years are behind us, but happy that you're doing so well and learning so much.

You soak everything up like a sponge.  Learning letters and numbers, sounds, shapes, colors, learning to read and a whole lot more.  You are in Pre-K this year at the same school as last year and doing really well.  Definitely getting ready for Kindergarten next fall.  Your teachers are fantastic and teaching you so much then you come home from school and do your "homework" which includes memory verses!

Getting much better behaviorally.  Learning boundaries and how to deal with your mood and attitude changes.  We learned your iron level was extremely low this past summer.  It's slowly coming up, but makes it hard when you don't like to eat much of anything.  Mommy's been making you smoothies with yummy, healthy foods that help with your iron intake.  It'll get better over time buddy.

You still absolutely love your sister and want to be around her right when she gets home from school.

You weigh 38 lbs and are 43" tall

Currently in size 5t tops and 5t pants.  Size 11/12 shoes

Your favorite foods are cheese, fruit, veggie straws, goldfish, granola bars, cereal, mac and cheese and anything with sugar!
Going to sleep at night around 7pm and waking up around 8am.

Some of your favorite activities are Pre-K, coloring, making paper airplanes or any craft, watching your favorite TV shows, going to TeamKid on Wednesdays, gymnastics, swimming, climbing the rock wall at Tennova and playing with your sister and friends.

Taking gymnastics this fall and loving it.  You're doing so well!

You continuously do anything for anyone.  Such a servant's heart at such a young age.  We love you buddy!


Fall Break - Seattle Part 2


Lunch with the Edgewood Staff - Madelyn took some pictures

Dinner with the Fitch's

taking it easy at Grandma Izzy and Grandpa Tom's

Lunch with Gary and Debbie

Slurpees and sleepover with the Jones'

Dinner with the Arriaga's and Aquino's

The girls were suppose to leave on Saturday, but our flight got delayed by a day.  Which meant we got to hangout more!  I was just a little excited!!

We love these two so much.

Bye girls!

The boys got to stay a couple days longer.  Theo hung out with Myra and Caleb for a bit while Tim played soccer.

 Bye boys!

We also got to go to AWANA on Wednesday night, the mall (and re-live MJ falling in the fountain), Nordstrom Rack (one of my favorite's!), bum around other places and with friends and hangout together.  We can't wait to go back and visit again!

Fall Break - Seattle Part 1


I'm a little over a month late posting this, but for fall break this year we were able to go back to Seattle!  It was such a fantastic trip.  We got to see lots of friends and eat at some favorite restaurants.  We stayed at Grandma Izzy and Grandpa Tom's B&B as we like to call it.  Miss them so much.  Thank you to all who took time to visit with us.  We loved seeing all of you!

Let's go!

someone was worn out

Quick stop to see Amelia

Church, lunch and the afternoon with some of the Orr Fam

Dinner with the Hunter's

Ferry ride and lunch with Mr. Clint and Mrs. Myra

Dinner with the Harshaws