Madelyn's Nursery


We have finally finished Madelyn's nursery!  Here are some pictures =):

Daisy playing by MJ's crib

Tim putting up the "monkey family"

Her bows =)

Her monkey crib

Another view of the crib

 Her closet

closet and changing table

bow holder and glider


mirror above her changing table

mobile and monkey lamp

 hanging out with Sades

closet view-this girl has tons of clothes!


Tim putting together the swing


New Recipe


So as I said in my last post, I watch Rachael Ray almost everyday...gotta love DVR =).  She did another one of her "waffle" recipes this past week.  It was to make a pizza!  I decided to try it out Saturday night.  I've gotta was really good!  And really easy!  Here's the recipe (since I know you're all interested =):
You need pizza crust (in the tube), pizza or spaghetti sauce, cheese, toppings of your choice, non-stick spray, olive oil and any spices you want to put in the dough.  Divide the pizza crust in half and let it get to be room temp.  Then flatten each half out-like a pizza crust-and add some spices (oregano, salt, pepper, garlic, whatever you'd like) and also some olive oil.  Make sure the waffle maker is hot and put a little bit of non-stick spray on it.  Put the dough in and leave it on for about 4 minutes (until crispy).  Then get the dough out and repeat with the other half of the dough.  Next, put the crusts on a nonstick pan and "decorate" your pizzas anyway you'd like.  After that, put it in the oven on broil for about 5 minutes, or until cheese is melted.  Then you're done!!  Here are some pics =):

My lovely waffle maker =)

the finished product 

Tim enjoying the new recipe!

We're still working on the nursery..maybe we'll have pics by this weekend.


EBC Shower


This past Sunday our church threw a baby shower for us.  I had a great time seeing everyone, eating cake...and opening gifts! =)  Our church was VERY gracious to us!!  We are definitely blessed to have an awesome church family!!  Here are some pics from the shindig:

The cute cake

Cupcakes made by Millie-she made 90 of them!-so yummy!

trying to hold up the cake w/o it falling

Me, Michelle, Jill and Suzanne (she just had baby Logan 2 1/2 weeks ago!)

Tina, Laura and Char

Stephanie, Melissa, Khyra


Sabrina (who took pics for me =)

Shannon and Myra

me with lots of bibs!  and Izzy writing down my gifts for me =)

me with Madison and Raelynn

holding up a cute homemade sweater

Annie, Myra, Jeanette and Ashley

 The lovely hosts'-Tina, Marilyn, Myra and Shannon-thank you ladies!!

Sadie checkin' out the gifts

Tim excited about the Mariners onesies

Daisy checkin' things out

The pack and play that the hubs put together

We've gone through all the gifts and are ready to setup the nursery!  Hopefully we'll finish before MJ gets here!! =)  Pics of the nursery to come...

33.5 Weeks


Highlights from the past few weeks:

  • Madelyn is moving all.the.time.  Most of the time you can even see my belly bulge out a little bit when she does's pretty amazing!
  • Still craving fruits, veggies and chocolate!  I haven't had much of an appetite recently though since Madelyn takes up most of my belly.
  • Our church is throwing us a baby shower tomorrow afternoon-I'm really looking forward to it!  I'll try to post pics this week.
  • We're still working on the nursery...I'm trying my best to wait until after the shower tomorrow to buy anything/set things up.  I'll try to post pics of the nursery next weekend if we get it finished.
  • This isn't related to MJ-but I figured out you can make omelets in a waffle maker.  Tim and I both love omelets and always make a huge mess when making them.  When making them in the waffle maker, you have to make sure and use non-stick spray and then just pour your egg mixture in. It takes only a couple minutes. You should try it's really easy!!

Here's a new "belly" pic for ya:
33.5 Weeks

Not too much longer!!


Happy 28th!!


Happy 28th birthday to my favorite person!!  To celebrate his birthday we went to the Mariners FanFest last Saturday.  We got an autograph from an up and coming player..who is suppose to be really good...we'll see I guess =).  We also got to tour the Mariners clubhouse, dugout, go out on the field and "run" the bases, and go up to the roof control room to see how they operate the HUGE roof that goes over the stadium.  We both had a fun time! 

View from the roof control room

Mariners Clubhouse

Tim running to third

Roof control room

Tim with a view of the field

On first base

Love you hubs!