Theodore: 2 Months


Oh little boy, you are so good to mommy and daddy.  We are definitely spoiled with 2 fabulous kiddos.

Here are some of your stats for the month:

-Weighing 11lb 8oz and 23" tall

-You are in size 1 diapers and some newborn clothes along with size 0-3 month clothes.  You'll be in 3 month clothes soon!  Such a big boy.

-You are so strong.  Trying your best to hold your head up.  You do a great job!

-Already rolling from belly to back.  You did this a couple weeks ago on accident, but we think you're doing it on purpose now.

-You love bath time!

-You sleep mainly in your crib upstairs.  Sometimes in your pack and play, carseat and swing.  Depends on where we are.

-We love the little sounds you make and your cute faces.  You're starting to smile at us when you wake up.

-Had a visit from your Gigi and Pops, Mimi and Papa, and Aunt Cheryl.  You were great for all of them and Aunt Heather and Grandma Izzy have even babysat you a couple times.

-Eating about 7 oz. every 4 hours during the day.

-You sleep between 8-9 hours straight at night.  Going to bed at around 8pm with your late night feeding at around 10:00pm or 10:30pm and then up between 7am-7:30am in the morning.  You are a good sleeper just like your sister!

-We are in love with you baby boy and we know your sissy is too.

Hanging out

Chillin with dad

With Michelle at the 4th of July party

Love that face

Outside while sissy plays in the pool

2 months!
-Mommy and Daddy

Madelyn: 16 Months


16 months, holy cow baby girl.  You change so much everyday and we love you more each day.

-We love your little curls on the back of your head.  It'll be fun to see what it looks like as it gets longer.

-You are wearing mostly 18 month clothes.  You're getting taller.  Still wearing size 4 diapers.  I think you'll be in them for awhile longer.

-This month, you had lots more visitors.  Gigi and Pops, Mimi and Papa and Aunt Cheryl.  We forgot to mention Aunt Brandy came in last month.  You've had fun with all of them and LOVED all the attention.  

-You are doing so great with your little brother.  Still giving him kisses, trying to pat his head and check out his fingers and toes.

-We think you're getting some more teeth in because you've had a fever the past couple days along with a runny nose.  You normally don't just sit with someone, but you have been.  We're loving all the cuddling.

-Last night, while daddy was at a meeting, you laid on mommy's lap while she was feeding Theo.  You never do this.  Mommy loved it.  We are so happy you sleep well in your bed, but definitely enjoy the extra cuddles.

-You like to "walk" outside holding onto hands and with your walker.

-Love going on walks and shopping (this could get you in trouble someday!  Mommy loves shopping too!)

-You still play well by yourself and talk to all your toys.

-Mommy's teaching you how to rock your dolly and give her a bottle.  You're very interested in helping give your brother a bottle.

-Daddy taught you how to "jump" on the pillows.  You LOVE all your daddy time and love the new game.

-Not sure how much you weigh, probably around 24 lbs.

-You swam in your little pool for the first time.  You enjoy splashing everyone who comes near you and it makes you giggle so much.

-Still eating great and able to take bigger bites.

-And of course, sleeping like a champ.  Still 2 naps a day (morning and afternoon) and going down for the night at about 7pm and sleeping til 7:30-8am.

16 Months!

-Mommy and Daddy

Cheryl's Visit


My second mom, Cheryl, came in to visit this week.  She leaves on a cruise to Alaska tomorrow so we thought she should stop by our place on her way.  So glad she did.  I saw her at Greg's wedding last September/October, but didn't really have time to visit with her much.  Cheryl got in Tuesday and left this afternoon.  Tuesday night we ate some dinner, played with the kiddos and went to bed.  We were all tired.  Yesterday, we played with the kiddos, went to Target and Babies R Us to get a double stroller, played some more with the kiddos, Tim grilled out chicken, watched some SYTYCD and went to sleep.  Today, we...played with the kiddos, took a walk in the stroller, Cheryl watched the kids while I had a doc appt., then she had to leave.

Thanks for coming.  We love you!


Mimi and Papa's Visit


After my parents left, Tim's parents came up to visit.  They were here for about a week and a half.  Again, they were a great help and we enjoyed having them both here.  Here are some pictures of our time with them...

At church together

Papa, Theo, Mimi, Sades and MJ

Papa and Theo

Mimi, Theo and Daisy

Our first 3D Movie...Spiderman! Thanks to both sets of parents for letting us go out!!  

4th of July!!  (Thanks for the outfits Aunt B!)


Gigi and Pops Visit

My mom and dad came up to visit after Theo was born.  My mom was here for about 5 weeks and my dad almost 2 weeks.  They were a great help and we enjoyed having them.  Here is our time spent in pictures...

Madelyn's First Ice Cream Cone!

Hanging out with Pops

Sliding with Pops

Walking with Gigi

Gigi and Theo

Pops, Theo and Me

Gigi, Theo, Pops, MJ

Thanks again for visiting!