Big Sister!


We found out this past Thursday, that Madelyn is going to be a big sister!

I haven't been feeling so great the past couple weeks.  I thought it was food poisoning or that I caught something, but low and behold....I'm pregnant again!  The baby is due on May 26th.  We're surprised, but very excited about the new life we get to bring into this world.

I'll keep the updates coming like last time around.


Madelyn: 7 Months

Baby girl,

Happy seven months!  You had a busy month!

Here is some of what's going on:

-We're guessing you weigh about 16-17 lbs.

-You are now in size 2 diapers but about to move up to size 3.  We have a box waiting for you.  You're wearing size 6-9 month clothes.

-Still no crawling, but lots of rolling!

-You are such a chatter box.  Anytime we look at you, you start talking about something.

-You flew on a plane (well 4 planes) a couple weeks ago to see your Uncle G and Aunt Crystal get married.  You were such a trooper and did a great job!

-You are still eating about 8 oz. every 4 hours. You're also eating rice cereal, carrots, squash, prunes, green beans, peas, bananas, pears, peaches, blueberries, and sweet potatoes  You'll start broccoli later this week.

-You sleep between 11-12 hours at night.  Going to bed at about 8pm and waking up between 7am-8am in the morning.
With dad at your doc appt. (before the shots!)

Playing in the airport

Love you Madelyn!

-Mommy and Daddy

Arkansas Trip


My older brother, Greg, got married last Saturday to the beautiful Crystal!  We spent about a week down in Arkansas visiting family and friends.  We had a fun time seeing everyone and I know MJ loved being spoiled! 

Madelyn did really well on her first airplane ride.  We went from Seattle to Dallas and then Dallas to Ft. Smith. 
 Tim and Madelyn in SeaTac
 On the plane!
 Layover in Dallas

We spent a lot of the week eating at places we don't have here....SONIC, (good)mexican, CiCi's Pizza, Sweet Bay, Chik-fil-a, and Western Sizzlin.

We were able to get down to Conway and see Tim's grandparents along with our friends Katy and Mitch.

Madelyn with Grandma and Pops Miller
Katy and MJ
Me and Katy
 Tim, Mitch and MJ

We also spent a lot of time with my parents!

 At Western Sizzlin!

Madelyn was introduced to my parents boxer, Cinnamon!

 Holding hands =)

MJ was also introduced to my friend and old SBU roommate, Angela!

Greg's wedding was beautiful!  It was outdoors and the weather was perfect.  Congratulations Greg and Crystal!!
Crystal and Greg

 Mom, Greg and my little brother, Wade, at the rehearsal dinner
 Me and Tim at the rehearsal dinner
 During the Ceremony

My second mom, Cheryl, and her boyfriend, Bobby.  She was gracious enough to let us stay at her house during the wedding weekend.
Our friends Brandy and Matt came down from Springfield to visit us!!

All of us after eating lunch
 Brandy and Madelyn
 Matt and Madelyn
The day before we left, Tim's brother, Steve, his wife, Angela, and son, Ian, came over to visit

I think MJ had a lot of fun hanging out and visiting everyone!!

And Madelyn slept WELL on our flight home =)

A HUGE thank you to our friends Dave and Tricia Anderson and John and Tina Palmer for keeping our puppies.  We love you guys!