Family Visit


Sorry for the delay of posts.  It's been very busy since we've moved into our new place.  Less than a week after moving in, Tim's parents, sister and 2 nieces came up from Alabama to visit.  They have not been able to come up here since we moved out here 3 years ago; so it was fun showing them around our new home.

We did several things around the city such as...eating lunch at the Space Needle, Mariners game and a ferry ride from Edmonds to Kingston.


And we're in...


We closed and received our keys on Friday.  We're very excited to be in.  Now it's time to unpack everything and get all setup.  Thank you so very much to our friends John and Tina who hosted us for the past week and 1/2.  We love and appreciate you both very much.




Well, we still haven't closed; hopefully it'll happen in the next couple days.  We had to move out of our previous house last Monday.  We're temporarily living with some very gracious friends from church until we close.  We decided to go to the Mariners game on Saturday since we couldn't move anything in quite yet.