The kids started gymnastics this past fall and love it!  Madelyn has been taking dance since she was 2, but decided to give it a break and learn how to do some gymnastics moves.  She's learning so much and so is Theo!

Sickness & SNOW


We finally got a good snow in Knoxville this week!  Madelyn had strep this past weekend and then Theo started getting sick with a fever and cough.  Poor babies.  They stayed in yesterday when the snow was falling, but we got them out for a little bit today to play.  Now inside and drinking some hot chocolate and watching Toy Story.

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This was last week....beautiful and 60's....

Riding their new bikes

2 Weeks with Gigi and Pops


The day after Christmas we headed to visit my family.  We got there in record time - 11 hours!  The dogs sat up front with Tim while I was in back with the kids.  Worked out well so I could hand them things and help out.

this one napped for 3 hours!