Hi and welcome to our blog!
We started this blog when moving up to the beautiful Northwest in 2007.  Our family has recently relocated to East Tennessee.  We're slowly getting used to our new lives in the Southeast.

A little bit about us...

husband to Megan, daddy to Madelyn and Theo
kids pastor
drum, guitar & piano teacher
loves sour patch kids, sweet tea and sunflower seeds
enjoys playing soccer and watching Sounders & Seahawks games

wife to Tim, mommy to Madelyn and Theo
voice and piano teacher
preschool teacher
coffee (Starbucks) addict
enjoys blogging, website design, watching movies, tv, hanging with friends and lounging at home

daughter to Tim and Megan, sissy to Theo
loves to talk, eat and learn
enjoys Second Grade, reading, dance & gymnastics class, singing songs, learning piano & playing outside

son to Tim and Megan, bubba to Madelyn
cuddly little boy
loves going to Kindergarten, church, playing outside, learning the drums & watching Mickey Mouse
enjoys playing with sissy and the doggies

enjoys sitting outside in the sun
loves to sleep and cuddle
chases birds and squirrels
secretly wishes she was still an only child

enjoys annoying Sadie and sleeping
is crazy most of the time
loves to dig holes and eat rocks