Our Weekend


I thought I'd do a quick weekend wrap-up.  We were all home Friday night, all day Saturday and then Sunday evening.  This doesn't happen much so we took advantage of the time together!

Friday night, we decided to give the doggies baths.  We mentioned it to Madelyn on Thursday night and miss girl-who-never-forgets-anything was talking about it all day Friday.  "When mommy gets home from work, the doggies get baths!".  She was very excited.  Daisy doesn't mind them, but as you can see in the pic, Sadie is not a fan.  We started with the easy dog.  Madelyn loved it.  Theo got in there too.  Madelyn put the soap on and patted her down.  Then watched them run around like crazy when they were finished.  And also helped me brush them.  I also clipped the dogs nails...which I never do because they don't sit still.  They were both pretty good for me this time.

Saturday morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, put some laundry in, played at the house a little and went to the haircut place to see Miss Julia.  Madelyn absolutely loves getting her haircut.  She's been talking about this for weeks.  Seriously.  Theo on the other hand cried his eyes out during his 1st haircut.  He was not a fan.
We got there, they sat in the big red chairs and people watched/took pictures on mommy's phone until it was our turn.  
Madelyn went first.  Such a big girl.  She sat very still.  She wanted her hair washed, but we knew Theo would get a little restless and tired if she took too long.  Julia wet it and Madelyn seemed okay with that.  When she was done, she wanted it straightened like mommy's.  Such a girly girl.  She picked out matching clippy's and got her well deserved sucker.  
Theo was watching her the whole time.  When it was his turn, he sat right up in the chair by himself and was ready to go.  No tears.  Not one.  Julia buzzed the bottom and used scissors on the top.  He would look in the directions she told him to and put his head down when needed.  I was so proud of him.  He got his sucker too.  I didn't realize how long his hair was getting until I did some before/after pictures.  Sorry little boy, we'll take you in sooner next time.

Saturday afternoon were naps and that evening I fixed some dinner (which was already in the crockpot :) and the kids had baths.  Tim and I watched some Olympics then saw the snow falling outside!
Sunday morning, we were both able to make it to church.  Since Tim leaves around 6:30am I had him call me once he got to church and let me know how the roads were.  He said they were okay.  
I ventured out with the kids.  Got stuck once, but someone helped me and I was on my way.
Tim promised Madelyn that if it snowed, he would help her build another snowman.  That's the first thing she asked when she got up and saw it.  
Sunday evening after naps, I took Theo boy to the grocery store with me, and Madelyn and Tim built a snowman with the little bit of snow that hadn't melted yet.
Theo and I had a fun time at the grocery store.  He likes to hold the list and look around at people.  And of course, get a cookie from the bakery (you can see some crumbs on his mouth). Madelyn loved building a snowman.  And of course wanted to watch Daniel Tiger's "Snowflake Day" when she was done. 
All and all, such a good weekend spent together.  Loved it.  Every bit of it.


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