August Wrap Up


Fun with friends at the lake

 Birthday party at the lake for one of Theo's friends

 Panera lunch

 Dogs to the groomer

First week of school Froyo treat

 Lazy Daisy's new favorite spot - MJ's chair

Vanessa's Bday dinner

MJ Dance Clinic


Madelyn went to a dance clinic at our local high school.  She went a couple years ago and loved it so we decided to let her go again.  She had so much fun!

She loves Miss Belle!

Theo lost his tooth!


Theo lost his first tooth!  It started getting loose at the end of June.  He'd been wiggling, we'd all been wiggling, tried different ways to pop it out and finally the nerf gun did the trick!  As you can hear, we were all surprised it came out!

Then sis decided to finally let Tim pull her tooth.  Her permanent tooth was about halfway in and the baby tooth sticking out on top.

First Day of School


Both kids were so excited about school starting back up this August.  We had such a fun summer, but these two sure do love learning and socializing.

Madelyn started about a week before Theo.  In Kindergarten, the kids have staggered days the first two weeks to get them acclimated to the routine of school.  Madelyn was so excited to know a couple kids in her class before the first day.  Especially one of her really good friends!

MJ & Mommy Day


Before school started back up at the beginning of August, Madelyn and I spent a little girl time together.  First, she wanted to go to Build A Bear.  We don't go there often so when we do, it's a very special treat!

Girl picture together

Waiting in line with Sky from Paw Patrol

Giving her a good bath

All Done!   

After that, she wanted to use some of her summer library coupons and get some pizza.  Her favorite!  

Just love spending time with this girl.  Can't believe how grown up she is becoming.