February Wrap Up


February was filled with LOTS of days off school - sick days for flu and flood days.  It's been crazy around here.  Hoping for some normalcy in March.  But we had fun nonetheless. 

this is his post flu breakfast - kid was hungry after a couple days of not much food

measuring something in her classroom

helping with the dishes

getting our Starbucks fix

we're a bit obsessed

Valentine's Day with her friends

Daddy Daughter Dance & Valentine's Day


Tim and Madelyn went to a daddy daughter dance again this year.  This girl loves to dance and absolutely loves them!  They went with some friends, Emersen and Eddie. 

The dance crew hit up Salsaritas for some dinner first then off to the dance.  And yes, we still have Christmas cards up.  I can't bear to take them down, I just love them.

Tim's Birthday


Tim's officially closer to 40 than 30!  I like to make fun of him since he's older than me.  Happy birthday, we love you!!