52 Project 47/52


Project 52 - Week 47

with Roberto at Mr. Bud and Mrs. Nan's house

Edmonds Christmas tree lighting

At the Jones' house - the kids helped make a cookie cake!

Theodore: 3 1/2 Years Old


Theodore Joseph,

Baby boy you are 3 1/2 years old! 

Today is Thanksgiving and we are very very thankful for our surprise little boy.  Wouldn't trade you for anything kid.

Here are some of your 3 1/2 year stats:

You weigh 28 lbs. and are 38.6 in. tall (we'll measure and weigh you when we get back in town Sat.)

Wear size 2T and 3T pants, 3T shirts, 9 shoe, 3T PJ's

You're a picky eater!  Some of the things you will eat are cheese and crackers, cheerios, waffles, french fries, apples, applesauce, yogurt

Go down around 7-7:30pm at night and up at 8am.  You typically sleep with your doggie "ruff ruff", mickey, puzzle blanket and mickey blanket.  Sometimes you nap around 1pm during the afternoon, but other times you protest them.

Your asthma symptoms seem to be under control for the most part.  We give you flovent through an inhaler every morning and albuterol when needed.  You see an asthma specialist every few months to get checked out.

You talk all the time.  We drove in the car most of the day yesterday and you talked nonstop.  Such a chatty boy.

Some of your favorite shows are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  

You're no longer sucking your thumb!  Woohoo!  You stopped sucking it mid-July after we put some yucky stuff on your thumb.  Worked like a charm.

You started preschool in September and love it.  Your favorite part is going outside and snack time. 

Some of your favorite activities are legos, trains, playing with sis, playing with balls and driving the dogs crazy.

Love you so much bubba!







52 Project 46/52


Project 52 - Week 46

Disney on Ice with my little princess

Special time with MJ during Theo's preschool

"Today is the Day" - Preschool Chapel

52 Project 45/52


Project 52 - Week 45

MJ overload this week!

Changes are comin'....


Over the last couple years, God has placed within us a strong heart to adopt more kids.  Last fall we started the training and preparation.  As we moved forward, we quickly realized our house was going to be too small for more kids.  We sought God's direction for clear guidance on how to move forward.  At that time, we felt led to start looking at ministry positions around the country just to see if He might be preparing us for a new direction.  In May, we decided to take a big step forward by selling our house.  We felt that regardless of whether we stayed in Seattle or moved to a new area, we would need to sell the house anyway.

Since we have greatly enjoyed the ministry at Edgewood and didn't really want to leave, we were very selective in sending out resumes.  We didn't want to go anywhere else unless it was clear leading from the Lord, so we were searching for His direction and trusting in His timing.

In August, I began regularly communicating with Salem Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  In September, I flew down for a visit with their staff and personnel committee.  Through those conversations and visits, God has made it very clear that this is where He wants us to serve.  So, in October, Megan and I both went down to Knoxville, met many of the teams from the church, led worship for a Sunday service, and accepted their invitation to become their Worship and Creative Arts Pastor.

While Megan and I both feel a strong peace about this direction, it is still very hard for us to leave friends and ministry at Edgewood.  It is hard to walk away from eight and a half years of building relationships.  We have so many good memories of Edgewood and the Seattle area and it will always remain as a special part of our lives.  We have also gained truly valuable ministry experience that will be put to good use at our new church.

Please join us in praying for Edgewood as this has definitely been a year of transition and now there is one more transition to work through.  We truly believe that God wants to do great things through Edgewood to reach out to the Seattle area.

We also ask that you please continue to pray for us as we transition to a new community and a new ministry.  Our last Sunday at Edgewood will be December 13 (the Christmas program weekend) and then we'll head down to Knoxville shortly after that with the hopes of starting there the first of the New Year.

It is definitely with mixed emotions that we share this news, but we are excited about moving forward with God's plan for our lives.

Pastoral Staff at Salem

Tennessee gifts from the pastor's wife, Miss Nova

       Tim & 

52 Project 44/52


Project 52 - Week 44

mickey was about done with his ears...

matching boys - Trevor & Theo



This year the kids dressed up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  All Theo's idea.  I asked him what he wanted to be a few weeks ago and he said "MICKEY!!".  Then he convinced MJ to be Minnie.  They were so cute.