9 Years-Thankful


Happy 9 years to my loving husband.  I was going through some pictures the other day and found these gems....
Working the snack bar at FBC Fort Smith

Ian's 1st birthday party

Homecoming Dance

My senior prom

SBU Chorale


 Love you Tim.  Thankful for lots of memories.  Let's keep making more.

Christmas Day


Madelyn and Theo LOVED Christmas morning this year.  Madelyn knew what was happening (for the most part).  We've been telling her why we celebrate Christmas.  She's been learning this in Sunday School too because she knows all the answers to my questions. Good job Edgewood Kids!  Thanks for teaching this to our kids.

Theo still isn't sure about the whole thing, but enjoyed having more toys to throw around.  He's still feeling a bit yucky too so he wasn't totally himself.

That night we went over to Grandma Izzy and Grandpa Tom's for dinner along with all their kids and friends Kaleb and Tamara.  We are blessed by having them in our life.

Theodore: 19 Months



19 months old!  Closer to 2 than you are to 1.  You are growing so fast baby boy.

-You weigh about 23 lbs and are getting longer.

-Still loving to cuddle and suck that left thumb.  We're trying to teach you to suck it only when you're sleeping.  If you stick it in your mouth, we say "thumb thumb" and you take it out.  It doesn't stay out for long...but you're slowly learning.

-You were sick this month with a double ear infection and bronchiolitis (baby bronchitis).  You probably had the ear infection for about 3 weeks.  Never tugging at your ear, but were sniffly and coughing..  Mommy took you into urgent care and sure enough, another ear infection.  Then about a week and a half later, daddy took you back in and you still had the ear infection and developed bronchiolitis.  We're praying you get to feeling better soon little buddy.

-Loving on sissy all the time.  Especially zooming cars around the house and playing with your monkey toy.   You also love racing her up the stairs.  And you normally win.

-You celebrated your 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We got you a train table for Christmas and you are loving it!

-Still throwing toys and food.  It's getting a little better.

-You're not so sure about people you don't really know yet.  You're very attached to mom and dad especially when we drop you off at the nursery.  Once we leave, you're fine (at least that's what they tell us).  You'll get to where you remember we always come back.

-Walking everywhere and loving your freedom. 

-You're saying mama, dadda, sissy, gigi, mimi, tickle and gibber gabbering all the time.  Your vocab will explode one day just like sissies.  Then we're really in trouble.

-Your favorite food is still bananas.  You also enjoy ritz crackers, cheese, veggie straws, pizza, mac and cheese and peaches.  Still only drinking water and milk.

-Napping in the afternoon typically between 1-3:30pm.  Going down at night around 7pm, sometimes earlier and waking up around 8:15am.  If you get up earlier, you sit there and talk to your doggie.

-You and sis sure do love making a huge mess with all your toys.  But we love it and wouldn't change a thing!

-Wearing mostly size 18 month clothes and size 5 diaper.  Size 5 and 6 shoe.

Love you Theo boy.

-Mommy and Daddy

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

-Tim, Megan, Madelyn and Theo

Christmas Cookies


While Theo and Tim took gifts to the post office about a week ago, Madelyn and I made some Christmas cookies!  Her favorite part was eating the sprinkles and frosting.  Can't blame her.  She loves to help anywhere, but especially in the kitchen.  She'll grab her stool and stand right next to you.  Next year, baby boy will be right beside her.  Probably making a mess.  That kid.  Love him.

We also took the kids out to the mall one morning.  They love the new play place and seeing all the people.  Both are people watchers like us.  The Mariner Moose was there too!  

I'm not a fan of escalators so Tim is trying to get Madelyn used to them.  They rode up and down the one at Nordstrom and Sears several times.  Free entertainment.  




A couple days ago was our first snow of the year!  We got the kids and ourselves decked out in coats, gloves and boots then headed out to play. Theo lasted maybe 2 minutes until he was ready to go in. Theo and I stayed inside playing in the warm, comfy house while Madelyn and Tim stayed outside for about an hour and 1/2 making a snowman. But I think Tim used Madelyn as an excuse to play in the snow :).  I know she loved it too! When they finished, it was time for some yummy and warm hot chocolate!

Our snowman, "Ice" named by Madelyn, is still standing!  Must be one well built snowman!


Lights of Christmas!


Last night, we went up to Warm Beach to see the Lights of Christmas!  Tim and I have both been up there on a retreat with the school where I work, but never when all the lights were up.  Wow, amazing!  We loved all the lights and activities.

We got there early and ate some dinner.  Danced with Frosty, ate some donuts, listened to music, saw ALL the lights, rode the train, drank some coffee and cider, saw Santa and MJ rode a pony.  The kids had a fantastic time.  Theo was in the stroller most of the time so we didn't have to chase after him.  Madelyn said her favorite part was riding a pony and the train.  Next year, we'll make sure and see Bruce the Spruce, the talking Christmas tree.  The line was really long and the kids were about ready to go home at that point.

I'm sure both kids will be into it next year! 


MJ's 1st Christmas Program


Yesterday was our church Christmas program.  It was called a "Family Christmas" so it involved many groups from our church-Adult choir/orchestra, Youth praise band, Hispanic praise band, preschoolers, elementary kids and a couple family skits.

I thought it went well and enjoyed watching it!  It was Madelyn's 1st Program and she did a good job.  She stood still the whole time and attempted some motions...didn't really sing...but that will come! :)

 "Away in a Manger"


Visit with Santa


We took the kids last month to see Santa.  I didn't know he came down from the North Pole to visit the malls before December, but sure enough, he was there the middle of November!  We took advantage of no lines and got the kids picture snapped with the big guy.

Madelyn wasn't so sure at first, but warmed up to him quickly.  Theo did pretty well.  He didn't start fussing until the very end.

Here's this year's Santa picture...

 Last year...

Year before that...