52 Project 17/52


52 Project - Week 17



Both kids say funny things all the time.  Theo said a few things today that I want to remember...so...I'm writing it here :)

The trash man comes on Monday right in the middle of naptime - so frustrating.  Theo screams just about every time he comes because he's extremely loud.  Today, the same thing happened.  I went up to hold Theo until trash man passed.  While holding Theo, waiting for trash man, I said, "Theo, you smell like sweat".  (We played outside right before naptime.) He replied, "No mommy, I smell like rocks".  That you do buddy.  This boy loves his rocks.  The trash man was taking awhile coming around to our house so I asked, "Buddy, where is the trash man?"  Theo replied, "He's eating a taco" . A little while later I asked again, "Where is the trash man?".  He said, "Mommy, he went to church.".

All of this being said in his little toddler voice...with only one volume level.  Then he laughs and laughs at himself.  Such a funny kid.

Tulip Festival


As I mentioned in my previous post, we headed up to the tulip festival this past weekend.  I'd been before with a group from the school I used to work at, but Tim and the kids had never been.  We went up early on Saturday to avoid traffic and headed out around lunch time.  We had a fun day spending time together as a family!  Love my little fam :)

52 Project 16/52


52 Project - Week 16

Went to the tulip festival on Saturday - the sun was in their face (I'll post more pics later!)

First soccer practice of the spring

Playing outside on the beautiful weekend

52 Project 15/52


52 Project - Week 15

Playing with Naomi and Leyla

Theo and Mrs. Myra at the park

Bubba wanted spiky hair..this was the best momma could do!

Playing outside on a beautiful day

Tim & I went to the Chris Tomlin concert on Sat. night...great night of worship!  Here we are with Chuck and Sabrina 6 years ago and now!  Thanks Tee for watching the babies.

52 Project 14/52


52 Project - Week 14

sitting still together - doesn't happen often!

Getting ready for the egg hunt at home

Eating their loot!

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!  Hope you've all had a good Easter day and weekend.  Theo's been a little sniffly so we've tried to stay close by the house for the most part.  Our church had a Maundy Thursday and Good Friday service this past week.  There wasn't childcare so the kids and I stayed home.  The kids don't sit still that long (especially little boy!) and it started when they normally go down for bed.  Hopefully we can go next time.  Tim said both services went really well. 

Saturday morning, we took the kids to an egg hunt at a church down the street.  They had never been to a big egg hunt, just ones we do around the house.  They loved it!  It was a beautiful day and we even saw some friends from MOPS.  Thanks Erica for the suggestion!

Later that afternoon, we walked down to our local school's park to play with Madelyn's new teeball set she got for her birthday from Tee (Auntie Heather).  They had fun in the sunshine hitting the ball and running the bases!

This morning Tim took off early early to get ready for services.  The kids and I headed up there before choir rehearsal.  I tried snapping some pictures before we left the house, but it didn't go so well.  This is the best I have of both of them.  Guess I should face them away from the sun, huh?!?

Both services went well and we were able to snap a pretty good picture of all of us before we headed home.  We're meeting up with some friends tonight for dinner.  Should be fun!

Madelyn reading - Book 2


Madelyn reading the 2nd book in the first BOB series...