7 Years


Happy anniversary to my fantastic husband.  I love him and am extremely blessed to have him.  He loves me, his baby girl, baby b and the doggies (even though he might say he gets annoyed with the dogs....I know deep down he really does love them...because right now they are sitting right next to him on the couch =).

Last night we were able to go out and celebrate.  Thanks to our friend, Tina P, for watching Madelyn and the pups!  We went to Olive Garden (complete with free dessert...thanks John!) and then to see Mission Impossible 4.  I've never seen any of the Mission Impossible's so I wasn't so sure what to think, but I loved it!  Growing up with 2 brothers I kind of had to like action movies because that's all they ever wanted to watch.  Now I'm hooked on them.  Love Saving Private Ryan, all the Die Hard's, the Bourne trilogy, Gladiator, etc. etc.  On mine and Tim's first date we went to see Vertical Limit..an action movie.  And yes, I picked it.  Today and tomorrow we're going to have a Mission Impossible marathon.

Here's a picture we took last night at Olive Garden..


18 Weeks


On Christmas Day I was 18 weeks along.  My sickness and fatigue have definitely gotten better.  I've been sleeping about 9 hours a night....but that's really not too different for me.  I love my sleep! =)
Craving fruits, veggies and dark chocolate almonds (which I am currently eating!).  I haven't had my pickle/orange juice at night combo yet like I did last time around.  I'm sure it'll come soon though.  I'm able to drink coffee again without it making me want to vomit...so that's nice....especially for those of you who know how much I LOVE coffee!!
We find out in a couple weeks what baby b is.  Cannot wait!

18 Weeks


MJ's First Christmas

Our Christmas this year was wonderful!  Since we had a Christmas Eve service on Saturday night and a Sunday morning service on Sunday morning, we had Madelyn open her gifts on Saturday morning.  She loved the paper...and of course the gifts inside.  But the wrapping and tissue paper was a big hit. 

Checkin out the gifts

Loving her new music toy (we call it her baby ipod)

A new music walker from Aunt Tina and Uncle John

Her new dolly from Aunt Val and Aunt Amy

Cool blocks from Gigi and Pops!

The doggies also enjoyed our Saturday morning with some new bones (we call them bone-bones...everything is said twice with them for some reason, ha!)

We went to Shari's Restaraunt for our Christmas Eve dinner before we headed to setup at the church for the service. 

The Christmas Eve service went really well and was a great time to celebrate Christ's birth.  I was able to sing on the praise team and we were blessed to have our Missional Pastor's wife and daughter to watch Madelyn so both Tim and I could be involved. 

After the service we drove around to look at lights and then ate some pie (that we got at Shari's) for dessert.  Love marionberry pie! Yum!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to setup for the service that morning.  I was able to sing on praise team again and started out the service singing a solo-the song "All is Well".  I absolutely love that song.
We relaxed for a little when we got home, then headed to Izzy and Tom's house for dinner.  They are so nice to invite us to holiday gatherings with their family.  We absolutely love spending time with them.  We had a fantastic dinner and the kids do a birthday cake for Jesus every year.  Madelyn was able to take part it in this year.  She was mesmorized by the candles.  I don't have a picture of this yet, but will hopefully get one soon.

I'll have some more pictures of Christmas evening to post once I get them from Izzy's daughter in law.  Hopefully next week.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


Madelyn: 9 Months



Happy 9 month birthday!

Cannot believe how big and long you are getting.  You've had many changes this month.

-Weighing 19lbs and 27.5" tall

-You are in size 3 diapers, 6-9 month and some 9 month clothes.

-You still scoot around a lot and can crawl backwards, but not forward yet.  You're getting there though.  I know you're ready to chase the doggies around.

-You're still a chatter box!  Love to talk to anyone and anything. 

-You had your first cold last week-a stuffy nose and cough.  The cough is still lingering a bit, but we can tell you're feeling better.

-You are eating 6 oz. four times a day.  We're guessing the doctor will want to lower that even more after your checkup.  You love to eat and try everything we put in front of you.  Your new favorite this month is turkey.  You'll try some more yummy favorites at the end of this week (on Christmas)-definitely some cheesy potatoes and ham!

-You sleep between 11-12 hours at night.  Going to bed at about 8pm and waking up between 7am-8am in the morning.

-You make noises when you eat (like your Uncle G used to!).

-Your naps haven't been as good as usual since there are houses going up all around us.  It's been pretty loud around here.  We're trying to drop your third (evening) nap, but recently you've needed it since your afternoon nap has been pretty short.  The workers have normally gone home by the time your third nap rolls around.

-You celebrated your first Thanksgiving!  This is when you had turkey for the first time.  Along with some green bean casserole and dressing.  You cleaned your plate!

-Big happening this month....your first tooth has come through!  It's on the bottom.  You look so cute.  The tooth next to it should pop up any day now.

-You've tried drinking out of a sippy cup.  Just water though.  We won't do juice for a couple years.  You'll drink a little bit out of the cup, but then try to chew it.  You'll get it eventually...especially when your bottle goes away!

On Thanksgiving with mom, dad and the puppies

With mom and dad


More playing

Eating some puffs

In front of the Christmas Tree at church

First sip out of your sippy cup

In front of the trees again

Love you sweet girl!

-Mommy and Daddy

Christmas Show Recap


The Christmas Show at Edgewood this year was absolutely amazing.  We had 10 salvations and many more interested in talking more about Jesus, baptism and other programs at our church.   This year we had a Christian illusionist from Nashville, Brock Gill, come in as our special guest artist.  The choir/orchestra did about 5 songs at the beginning as the "opening act" and then Brock took the stage.  He was fantastic.  You can look him up on YouTube.  His tricks are superb and his gospel message was one of the best I've ever heard.  He was very clear and concise when giving his gospel message.  You could hear a pin drop in there.  He didn't make it long and drawn out....such as "singing one more stanza since no one's coming down the aisle yet".  He had those who wanted to come to know Christ stand up and head to the back to talk with a counselor.  I had the privilege of talking with an 8 year old, Sarah, during the first show.  She prayed to receive Jesus with Brock and knew exactly what she was doing.  She went to another church and knew all about Christ, but had never really known how to ask Him into your heart and what it meant.  Brock was able to put all the pieces together for her.  Praise God.

Sarah came to this event because Brock was able to do an assembly at two schools the Friday before the show at our church.  He went to a K-8 school in the morning a middle school in the afternoon.  He did a 45 minute assembly at the schools and told them to come to Edgewood on Saturday for a free (longer) show with more tricks.  I think at least half of our attenders on Saturday were from these schools.  Absolutely amazing.   Sarah went to the K-8 school and came back with her family.  So happy God opened the door to go into both of these schools.  Most of the salvations were students from both schools.

Okay, so the following is my own opinion...if you don't agree, that's perfectly fine.  But it's my blog so I'll state my feelings....

First off, I want to thank my husband and our Christmas committee for trying something out of the box this year.  There were several church members who were very against this and wanted the same ole traditional Christmas Program.  Some of them didn't even show up because they were so against it and mad that things are changing at Edgewood.  For those who did show up, I think they were pleasantly surprised with how well this event went.  Sometimes change is good.  Great even.  I, personally, don't think I can go back to that same old Christmas Program.  Like Brock said in his promo video we received, Christmas Programs are geared to reach Christians.  That's not the point of why we're here on earth.  It's to Go and Tell.  To reach the lost, the unsaved.  It would be difficult for me to go back to the drama/song combo that most churches do each year just because we've always done it and we want our church members to come and feel all good inside.  I'd much rather use our money on something that makes a difference, reaches others who don't know Him.  Occasionally Christmas Programs do, but not very often....at least that we've seen at Edgewood.

So, please be praying that next year God can show us exactly what He wants us to do to reach the lost in our community.  Tim and I moved up here because it is extremely unchurched (definitely not the Bible belt we were used to).  That's a TON of people who need to hear the gospel. 

Done with my rant.  Thanks for listening.  And thanks for those at Edgewood that did support the changes that went on this Christmas season and will hopefully continue...


Happy December!


Happy first day of December!  Here's a CUTE picture of our baby girl's first picture with Santa.  She did such a great job.  I love our happy baby.