Daddy/Daughter Dance


This past Friday night, Tim took Madelyn to a daddy/daughter dance nearby.  They both had so much fun!  Apparently she tore up the dance floor.  She is a dancing machine.  Tim said Madelyn took a water and picture break but then was right back at it.  Love her.  And him!

My Sweet Valentines


Lots of celebrations going on this year for Valentines!  I'm working at Theo's school this year so I got to be around for his party at school.  It was fun to see him in his element with all his little friends.  It was a crazy day at school with all the sugared, hyped up kiddos, but it was fun.

On Valentines Day, we all headed to MJ's school to help with her party.  The kids had so much fun!  We love her class and sweet teacher.

Tim's Birthday


We did a couple activities to celebrate the big kid this year!  On his birthday night we went out with a couple of friends and their kids to a local pizza/games place. 

He requested we go to a trampoline park with some friends.  All of us couldn't get together until after his birthday and we were able to celebrate our friend Todd's birthday as well!  It was lots of fun.