July Wrap Up


July was a busy, but fun month!  We had a good time on vacation, but were very happy to be home in our own beds after three weeks of being gone.  And we were VERY happy to see Tim.  The kids missed their daddy and I missed my husband.

Once we got home, we spent lots of time with friends at the pool, lake, restaurants and just hanging out.

Hot Springs - Lake Time!


After our week in Fort Smith, we headed down to our friend Laura's lake house in Hot Springs.  More water and sun!  We were happy campers.  She was so sweet to let us borrow it for a few days.

Fort Smith


After our beach trip, the kids and I headed up to Fort Smith with my parents.  We relaxed most of the week and also had a chance to see some family.  It was a good time catching up with them.

A couple very happy kids because we found Salsaritas.

This boy loves his crafts