Theodore: 8 Months


Big boy,

You are such a pleasure to be around.  So smiley and sweet.  Extremely cuddly to everyone.

-You weigh around 18 lbs. You'll go to the doctor next month.

-You are in size 3 diapers.  Wearing size 6-9 and 9 month clothes.

-Just about sitting up!  You'll sit up with your arms resting in front of you.  Even when you fall, you roll over and smile. 

-You love for daddy to play "drums" with you.  You smile and laugh.  So cute.

-Naps are from 9:30am-11am and afternoon nap from about 1pm-3pm.  No more evening nap which means you go down easily at around 7pm like your sister.  You wake up between 7:30-8am.  Sometimes not wanting to get up! 

-Eating 8 oz. every 3.5 to 4 hrs during the day. You eat fruit and veggies 3x a day. You've added puffs and cooked macaroni to your list of foods!  At first you didn't like them, but now love them. 

-Your 2 new teeth are coming right up.  You've been pretty good with teething.  Let's hope this continues!

Eating your mum mums

Hanging out watching sis and the dogs

Playing in your piano

Playing on mommy and daddy's bed

Hanging out with daddy and Daisy

Hi there!

8 Months!

-Mommy and Daddy

Madelyn: 22 Months


Cannot believe our little girl will be 2 in 2 months!  You are growing so fast!

-Still wearing size 18 month and 2T clothes.  You are in size 5 diapers.  Already showing interest in potty training.  Maybe we'll try conquering it this month =)

-11 teeth!

-Babbling all the time.  You're trying to say new words, but can't quite get them out.  Soon enough my dear.

-Napping anywhere from 2-4 hours in the afternoon. Your typical nap is from 1-3:30pm.

-Loving your little brother.  You like taking him toys (and taking away his toys!)  You also like to point out his nose, eyes and head.  This can become a little dangerous sometimes!

-Getting much better with your fork and spoon.  You are so proud of yourself when you use them.

-You love when daddy plays guitar and we all sing and dance together. 

-You're becoming more cuddly, which we LOVE!

-You're a little...well, a lot, ocd.  Your mommy is too.  But I think you are a little more than mommy!  If you see a drop of water on the floor, you grab a towel that's close by and wipe it up.  Your toys have to be a certain way before you leave the room.  The pantry door has to be shut all the way.  Not just cracked (like we normally leave it).  We'd rather you be this way than a messy kid though =)

-Love wearing sunglasses and using chapstick/lip gloss like mommy.  You are also obsessed with jewelry, headbands/hairbows and tissues (blowing your nose).

-You still go to bed around 7pm.  Doing much better with your "nightmares" or whatever has been happening the last couple months.  You'll wake up around 7:30-8am.

Tea Party with your animals and dolls

Proud of yourself for putting on your headband

Eating at the Target food court with mommy, funny girl

Got a hold of mommy's phone

Love wearing your sunglasses!

Ice cream with daddy

22 Months!

Love you pretty girl!

-Mommy and Daddy

My Favorite Things (2012 Edition)


I've seen several other bloggers post their "favorite things" for the year so thought I'd join in!  Here are some of my favorite products of the year....

 (this is not in any certain order btw)

I made Madelyn's baby food, but used a regular old blender.  It got all the food small enough, but didn't "blend" too well.  But it did work.  I loved making her baby food because I knew everything that went in and it's soo incredibly easy.  Only took me about an hour every month to make tons of food.  For one of  Theo's baby showers last spring, I received this handy dandy blender.  I thought, hmm, do I need this, my blender worked fine.  But I kept it.  Low and behold, it's awesome.  Blends Theo's food up incredibly fine and takes an even shorter amount of time to prepare his food.  Makes great smoothies and milk shakes for the rest of us.

Clarisonic Mia
Since I was a teenager, I've had trouble with my skin.  Been to see dermatologists, etc., and have never really had much luck.  Always products that dried out my skin or pills that I didn't really want to take.  Some stuff better than others.  Then I found the Clarisonic.  By no means, does it clear up everything, but it makes my skin feel so much better and very clean.  It's not the cheapest product in the world, but well worth the money spent.  I'm one who reads a lot of reviews before I buy a product, and I certainly did on this.  There are so many similar products out there that I've tried and they have failed.  This is different.  And I was able to get a pretty yellow color instead of boring white!

If you haven't gotten into Groupon yet, you definitely should. They have so many good deals.  Of course, lots of stuff you don't need as well!  Tim and I love mexican food and every once in awhile they have half off deals on places we typically go.  It's free to join.

Video Baby Monitor
When Madelyn was born, we used audio monitors to hear her when she cried.  They worked just fine, but we rarely used them because our house isn't huge.  So we could hear her without them.  When she got a little older and could sit/stand up in her crib, we thought video monitors would be great to have.  Most times when she's standing she'll eventually lay back down and go to sleep.  But since we couldn't see her when she cried, we weren't sure what she was doing.  Then good ole groupon came to the rescue and offered the Levana video monitor half off.  I ,of course, looked at reviews and original prices to make sure it was a good deal.  And it was.  This has been so great to have with both kids.  I highly recommend it.  And the one we got came with 2 monitors.  One for each room.  Perfect.

For Christmas this year, Tim and I received an iPad.  We both love our iphones and are only slightly addicted, ha!  Madelyn loved playing games on our phones and we use it for FaceTime with family and friends.  The laptop we have at home doesn't always turn on and when it does, we have to plug it in all the time.  More like a stationary computer.  We also did not have a camera on the laptop to do Skype with certain family members who don't do FaceTime and Skype didn't work on the iPhone.  Now with the iPad, Madelyn and Theo can see family and friends much better and we can use Skype! Also, the documents I used on my laptop I now do on the ipad.  Including blogging!  This is definitely not a necessity, but sure makes a lot of things more convenient and easier.

This is a website for kids that teaches them letters, numbers, how to read.  My mom uses it at her school along with several other teachers I know.  I put the app on my phone (before we received the iPad) and Madelyn loved it.  I didn't mind her playing it since I knew she was learning something.  And I only let her use the iphone/ipad for 20 min. each day.  It gives her something to do when I need to tend to Theo or the dogs.  You can also use starfall on the computer as well. 

As I've blogged before, I use the crockpot almost everyday.  I now have 2 because I couldn't clean it fast enough.  Today we're having cream cheese chicken chili.  Yum.  I'm looking forward to it.  They are extremely easy to use and there are tons of recipes out there for them.  Or just throw in some meatballs and spaghetti sauce.  Simple.

Tea Tree Shampoo
About 4 months after I gave birth to Theo, I noticed my hair was starting to fall out.  A lot of hair at a time.  Not like I was going bald, but it was definitely getting thinner.  I went to my hair dresser for a haircut about a month ago and she asked "what is going on with your hair?".  I told her and she told me to try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo.  I'm really liking it and they have a thickener kind you can use as well.  It feels like it's doing something and if nothing else, it sure does smell good!

I've talked about this book before, but can't stress enough how big of a help it's been with both our kids.  It's a short read.  Some of the stuff is kind of hard to do (letting your kid cry it out), but is worth it.  Let me just say both our kids sleep between 12-13 hours a night and have good naps each day.  They also have Toddlerwise and Preschoolwise.  I've read Toddlerwise and we do a lot of stuff they suggest in this book as well. 

Well, that's it for now.


Victoria BC


For our 8th anniversary, Tim and I went to Canada! We've been to Vancouver, but never across to the capital, Victoria. We drove up to Vancouver on Sunday after church to catch the ferry. And there was a Sonic on the way up, yay! We even caught happy hour!

While in Victoria, we drove around the coast, had lots of coffee (well, I did), ate some yummy Mexican and went to Butchart Gardens. In the summer there are flowers blooming everywhere at the gardens, but this time of year they have lots of lights. Very pretty. We forgot our camera, but I snapped a few on my phone. We came back home yesterday. It was a nice, relaxing trip.

Thanks to Grandma Izzy and Grandpa Tom for watching our kids and the dogs while we were away! We didn't have to worry about a thing.