Surprise Trip


About a week and 1/2 ago, Tim, the kids and I flew down to Arkansas to surprise my mom.  She turned a big number on the 10th of this month.  My dad called me several months ago with a plan to fly us down there to surprise her.  We couldn't go on her actual birthday so we went almost a week after, which probably was MORE of a surprise.

We didn't tell the kids about the trip until the morning we flew out.  They were so excited to say the least!  They remembered flying on a plane when we flew down to see family last year.  Both kids did really well on the plane.  MJ fell asleep during our layover and Theo on the 2nd plane.  They got power naps before the big surprise!

waiting for the plane

on the train at DFW

 waiting for our bags

My good friend and college roommate, Angela, picked us up from the airport.  I texted my dad and told him we were there, then he met us outside.  They already had a surprise bday party going on for my mom - we were just an extra surprise :)  Here's the video...

She had no idea!  We enjoyed some yummy mexican food and cake, then headed back to the house for some sleep.  

While in Arkansas we stayed pretty busy.  We saw Tim's grandma,  his brother and son, my brothers, sister in law and their son, and many other friends.  Such a good time visiting with everyone.  

visiting with Gram

visiting with Steve and Ian

visit with Greg, Wade, Crystal and Garrett

Cheryl & Glen's Wedding

nails with Ang & mom

hanging with Pops

Father's Day movie "Jurassic World"
eating our way through the south

with Uncle Wade

spray park!

life with tired kids

52 Project 25/52


52 Project - Week 25


 Father's Day

52 Project 24/52


52 Project - Week 24

Getting some yummy Frost donuts :)

thanks Tee!!

hanging with Miss Myra

 funny faces on the airplane
 playing "slumber party"

Dance Recital


Yesterday was Madelyn's spring dance recital.  She was so cute and did such a good job.  So proud of her.  She woke up Saturday morning and said "mommy, I am just so excited."  She had a dress rehearsal on Friday night, but Tim and I couldn't go because it was the same time as our music academy recital.  Our friend, Julia and her daughter Isabel (who dances with the same company), took her.  They said she did really well.  The theme this year was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".  The sets were really neat.  Madelyn's group were the "Wonka Bars".  Below are some pics from before/during/after and a short video.  Enjoy :)

MJ and Isabel walking in

 MJ and her friend, Praise

she's the last one on the right

the girls and their flowers

she took her costume off right when her routine was over...but we took a pic anyway :)