Theodore: 1 Month


Theodore Joseph,

You are one month old today!  We really can't believe it.  Daddy told you happy birthday this morning at 5:30 when he was feeding you =)

You are such a good baby.  So calm and sweet.  You and your sister are a lot alike in that way, but very different in others!

Here are some of your stats for your first month of life:

-Mommy weighed you the other day and you were almost 9 lbs!  You love to eat so I can see how you've grown so much.

-You are now eating between 4.5 to 5 ounces every 4 hours during the day-at 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm.  Then you have your late night (dream) feeding between 10:30pm-11pm and then we wait until you wake us up for a middle of the night feeding.  The last several nights it's been between 5:30am and 7am!  You're becoming a good sleeper like your sis.

-Your naps have been good as well.  You have 3 naps: 9am-11am, 1pm-3pm and 5pm-7pm.  Your sister is normally sleeping the same time as you during your 1st and 2nd naps.  This makes mommy happy.

-You're in newborn diapers, but about to move up to size 1.

-Wearing newborn clothes along with some 0-3 months.

-You are VERY gaseous.  Which has made you uncomfortable at times, but you eventually get it out and go right to sleep.  It's getting better, but was pretty hard on you at first.  The doctor said it's nothing to worry about.  Your daddy and pops just say it's because you're a boy.  Crazy boys.

-Your Gigi and Pops are here visiting you!  Pops leaves tonight.  I know you'll be sad to see him go.

-You're lifting up your head really well!  And leaning it from side to side.  So advanced.

-You're not a huge fan of your car seat until your sister stands up next to it and rocks it.  Then you're okay.  And once the car starts moving you're normally alright.

-And you don't really like pacifier's (paci's as mommy calls them).  You might keep it in if we hold it in your mouth long enough, but not typically.  You normally don't need it anyway.

-You are such a good boy.  We all love you so much!

Meeting sissy

With the Jones' (minus Clint)

Snoozin with dad

Sissy giving you kisses

Daddy's fist 

First night in your bed

1 month!

-Mommy and Daddy

Madelyn: 15 Months


Happy 15 months sweet girl.

You have had a full month!  First off, you welcomed baby brother Theo into the world!!  When mommy started having contractions with Theo, Grandma Izzy came over to pick you up.  You spent 4 days with she and Grandpa Tom and you loved every minute of it!  Grandma Izzy fixed you yummy food and Grandpa Tom took you on many walks around the neighborhood.  You had fun with all their toys and slept like a champ in their pack and play.  You are such a good girl.  You came by the hospital the afternoon that your brother was born.  There were a lot of people in the room so I think you were a little overwhelmed AND you had 4 top teeth coming in at that time.  So I'm sure your teeth were hurting.  But you were a trooper and let us take some pictures with you and Theo.  You came home the Monday after Theo was born and pointed at him, touched his head, gave him kisses and loved on him.  Gigi came in town that day as well so I know you were loving all the attention!  Since then, you have been the same way with your brother.  Very loving and giving lots of kisses.  Such a sweet, sweet girl.

Here are some other happenings during this month...

-We went to the doctor this morning and you weigh 22 lbs 10oz and are 30" tall!  You are a healthy girl.

-Still talking quite a bit.  No new words, but I'm sure they'll come soon enough.

-Still in a size 4 diaper and overnight diapers during the evening.

-You moved up to mostly 18 month clothes.

-Eating lots and lots of food!  You don't turn any away.

-You go to sleep between 6:30pm-7:30pm each night and sleep until about 7:30am.  If you wake up early, you play with your toys and wait for mom and/or dad to come get you.  Then you go open the doggies kennel to let them out. 

-Soo close to walking.   Almost there.

-You have 4 cups of whole milk a day, 3 solid meals and an afternoon snack.  And yes, still only water; no juice.

-Still taking 2 naps-about an hour in the morning between 9:30am-10:30am and an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours in the afternoon-about 1:30pm-3:30pm.  It all depends on how active you've been during the day. 

-And did I mention you got 4 teeth at the same time?!?  You handled it pretty well.  Some drooling and crying, but not much.

-Your gigi and pops are her for another week.  Gigi has been here about 3 1/2 weeks.  You are loving time with them AND all the attention.

Playing with toys at Grandma Izzy's

About to go on a walk..and yes, it's June and you're wearing a sweater and hat

Playing with daddy's hat

Learning to walk with Gigi

Giving Theo kisses


Playing after bath time

Helping dad in the car

15 Months!!

Lovie you!!

-Mommy and Daddy

Father's Day


Happy Father's Day!

Theo 2012

Madelyn 2011

Doggies 2010

ALL of your kiddos love you!  =)


Big Sis/Little Bro


Some sweet pictures taken this morning with Madelyn in her "big sister" shirt and Theo in his "little brother" shirt.  Love.


Theo's Newborn Pictures

When Theo was 5 days old, a friend of ours, Sarah, came over and took some newborn pics of him.  She is the one who took pictures of Madelyn last year.  She does a fantastic job!  We were able to get some of Theo and Madelyn together and of our whole fam.  Here are some of them...

Oh, I just love them all.


Zoo Date


Today, Tim and I took Madelyn on her first trip to the zoo!  We left Theo at home with my mom and headed out after MJ's morning nap.  We grabbed some food on the way and ate part of it in the car (we were all getting hungry) and then some at the zoo.  There were a lot of school kids there on field trips so it was pretty busy, but we still had fun.  We didn't get through much of the zoo since Madelyn takes another nap around 2.  I think she had fun looking at all the animals...and seeing a bunch of kids.  She LOVES waving at other kids and smiling at them.  Most of the time they don't wave/smile back, but that doesn't bother her.  Her favorite animal was the penguins.  She would stand against the glass and they would come up right next to her.  She laughed and smiled.  Very cute.

My superstar at the zoo (sorry about the shadow!)

Smiling at another little girl

By the sleeping gorilla

Giving the gorilla hugs

Let's give him a pet

So Big!


yogurt break



About to leave

Time for a nap

Good thing we got an annual pass so we can go through more of the zoo!