Madelyn: 3 1/2 Years Old


Madelyn Joy,

You are 3 1/2 today.  Growing into such a sweet and sassy little girl!

You weigh 34 lbs and are 38 in. tall.  You've shot up since your 3rd birthday!

Some of your favorite foods are pizza, mac and cheese, grapes, blueberries and yogurt, applesauce and dessert of ANY kind.  You have a couple new favorite candies - starbursts (which you call starbucks) and sour patch kids.  Still drinking mostly water and milk.

You're still wearing a night time diaper during naps and night time, but it's staying dry more often.

Your favorite toys are doc mcstuffins, lambie, all your dolls, fluffy, little blankie, piglet and bunny.  You are surrounded by stuffed animals in your bed when you go to sleep!

You still nap most afternoons from about 1-3.  We call it "rest time".  You like having books at the bottom of your bed to read just in case you're not tired.  Then you go down around 7:30 every night and wake up around 8 in the morning.

You talk a mile a minute.  Seriously, all the time.  You are the funniest person though.  We LOVE hearing you chat.  You talk about everything under the sun....songs you like, people you met, shows you've watched, things you see out the window, what Theo is thinking, etc.

You've been working on coloring and staying in the lines, learning new words and counting, putting together bigger puzzles, learning "sight words".  We've also been working on your listening skills.  You tend to talk and not listen.  Talking over when mommy, daddy or a teacher is talking.

You absolutely love when babysitters come over.  Knowing you and Theo will get undivided attention!

Doing much better with your little brother.  You'll have an occasional issue, but not as many as you used to.  And he's learning to fight back which you are definitely not used to!

Some of your favorite TV shows are Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Veggie Tales and Disney movies - Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid.

You also enjoy reading.  You'd read all night long if we let you.  Partly to get out of bed time though!

Some of your favorite songs are "Mighty to Save" which you call Savior, He can move the mountains, "How Great is Our God", "Forever Reign", "All the People Say Amen", "Here I am to Worship", "One Thing Remains"

You like dancing...anywhere and everywhere, swimming, playing at the park, riding in your friends "cars" (little 4 wheelers), talking to anyone and everyone that will listen, going to church and preschool.

You just started preschool last week and absolutely love it!  You also started MOPS this week and are meeting some new friends and doing fun activities.  Back to dance class! It's at the same studio as Miss Isabel and you love that you go to the same place as one of your babysitters!

A funny story of our silly girl - yesterday after preschool, we went to lunch with all of us.  Then mommy had to head to a dentist appt. so you were left with daddy and bubby at the mall.  You went to throw pennies in the fountain and were leaning over and fell right in!  It was feet first, thankfully!  So glad you were okay little girly!!  You were a little scared at first, but then started laughing.  For the rest of your mall visit you were telling everyone you saw that you fell in the fountain and you also thought it was so funny that you could see your footprinst trailing behind you.  When mommy got home, you told her ALL about what happened!

We love our silly and goofy girly!!







-Mommy and Daddy

Madelyn-Philippians 4:13


Philippians 4:13

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."

Fall activities


Last week Madelyn started ballet back up again and this morning she started preschool!  Cannot believe she's old enough to start school.  She's been so excited and talking about her friend Leyla being in her class as well as our next door neighbor, Landon.  It's only 2 days a week, but that's plenty for now :)  I'd miss her too much.

We got up early this morning to get her ready and have a photo shoot.  When we dropped her off, she walked in the classroom without looking back.  She is such a social girl and loves to learn.  While sis was in school, Theo and I ran to the grocery store.  It sure is different having one kid with me at the store!  He was loving his one on one time.  When we picked Madelyn up, her teacher told me "she's good with her words".  Ha, that she is, my chatty girl!  Madelyn told bub and I all about how she played with play dough, met some new friends, blew bubbles outside, had snack and made a fruit loop necklace.  Love my girly.

We start MOPS next week.  Should be fun!

Here are some pictures from last week and this week :)

Bubba chillin before his haircut

Playing before his asthma appt.


Theo watching sis dance

Madelyn's dental cleaning...she was so good!

Preschool :)

Theo wanted in on the action!

Madelyn and Landon

Leyla and Madelyn