Weeks Past


Madelyn has started school full time, what?? I have a kindergartner and she is loving it.  Tim and I aren't early risers, but Madelyn is for the most part.  She'll be up in her bed waiting for us to come get her in the morning's....for now at least.  Her favorite part is eating lunch, hunting Pete the cat and recess.

But before she started full time, we had another adventure with our friend Mr. John.  He took us to Ijams nature center on a hike.  The kids did okay for the most part.  It was an overcast day and perfect for a hike.  Theo found all sorts of rocks and sticks. 

Last week, a few gals took our friend Rachel to celebrate her birthday.  We went downtown to eat and have gelato.  I always love going downtown.  It was such a fun fun night of laughs.

That morning a group of us went to run (or walk in my case) a 5k for our friend Misty and Brian's Butterfly Fund to support and raise money for kids with cancer. 

While MJ is off at school, Theo and I have fun playing with wikistiks, play doh, running errands, gym time, coloring and lots of giggles.

Kentucky Splash


Last Friday, we went up to a local water park, Kentucky Splash.  A few friends had mentioned it to us thinking the kids would like it....and they did!  It's small and quaint, but perfect for our kids.  There were a couple slides they weren't tall enough to go on, but hopefully next year.  Theo's favorite part was the wave pool, until he got splashed in the face.  Then it was the lazy river.  I would get in the tube then he would hang on it behind me.  He could have stayed there all day.  Love that boy.  On the other hand, Madelyn loved the wave pool...even after getting splash.  She also liked the tadpole pool (little kid area).  We're trying to enjoy these last few days before Madelyn goes to school full time.

MJ posing

lunch time!

On our way home we just happened to pass a Fazoli's.  When we were in college, we would eat there all the time.  It's a fast food Italian place and they have such good breadsticks!

Fun day in the sun!

Madelyn: First Day of Kindergarten


Madelyn's first day of kindergarten was today.  Her school district has staggerred days for kindergartners the first two weeks of school then they start full time the third week.  I love this idea.  There are only 16 kids in her class to begin with which meant only 4 kids came today.  She was able to have more one on one time with her teacher and get to know the kids a little bit.  There's also a student teacher in her class for the whole year!

We've been chatting with her about starting school for the last few weeks and she was a little nervous at first.  Until we got her school supplies.  Then she got really excited.  However, mommy kept having melt downs.  Oh the tears.  But today on her first day, not a drop.  I held it together.  We'll see what happens during the first full week of school!

school supply shopping

Last weekend, she requested to get her nails done with me.  So off we went.  Of course, she picked a different color for each hand and feet.  Sparkles on top.  Some fun and much needed girl time.