52 Project 52/52


Project 52 - Week 52

52 Project 51/52


Project 52 - Week 51

riding the train at Creekmore

making a birthday cake for Jesus

bday cake for Jesus!

playing dress up with cousin Garrett

brother/cousin pic  (missing Wade!)

52 Project 50/52


Project 52 - Week 50

Dance recital (more to come!)

dance recital guests

Christmas dessert with Shannon, Galen and girls

Goodbye's with the Harshaw's

with the Jones girls

Madelyn's Christmas Dance Recital


Madelyn did such a great job at her dance recital!  She was so excited to get up there and perform her dance.  Some friends joined us - Izzy, Myra, Clint and of course bubba and daddy.  She knew the dance really well and even showed the girls around her what to do...my bossy girl. So proud of her.  We have video but it's on the "real camera"...so I'll try to get it up soon!

52 Project 49/52


Project 25 - Week 49

One last Hunter/McCarty pic (minus Shaun and Theo)

moving truck!

Grandma Izzy and Bubba

Evie & MJ

MJ & Theo at Lights of Christmas (more pics to come later)

52 Project 48/52


Project 52 - Week 48

Special hot chocolate day with their teacher

next to last day at ballet

last haircut with Miss Julia