52 Project 34/52


Project 52 - Week 34

big boy bed!

Chelan Mini Vaca


We went to Chelan for a few days last week.  It was a good trip, but definitely different than the last times we've visited.  A friend from church let's us use his condo pretty much whenever we'd like, we just have to make sure and "reserve" it so no one is else is there.  We planned it about a month ago.  This is about the only time we can get away for more than one night until...well, I don't know when.  Lots of changes at church require Tim to be there a lot.

If you haven't heard, a wildfire started in Chelan last weekend.  Then they kept starting around the area.  We had some friends that went up to Chelan the beginning of last week so I was checking with her each day to see how things were.  On Wednesday morning we decided to go ahead and try it.  Everything was clear until right before we got into Chelan.  Then there was so.much.smoke.

It was worse at night than throughout the day; the sun was shining through enough that it cleared the smoke off.  We were able to swim in the pool each day and hang out a little outside, but it was definitely different.  When we pulled into our condo and opened the door, Madelyn said, "Daddy, it smells like you're cooking something on the grill."  That it does kiddo.

Every place we walked into had a sign saying thank you to the firefighters and all involved with fighting these massive fires.  This is the time of year when Chelan gets most of their business - lots of tourism.  But last week, it's pretty much deserted.  Continue praying for the firefighters and personnel involved with this.  So sad.

We still tried to have fun while on our mini vacation.  The kids loved getting away and so did we.  Since they've been taking swim lesson, all they wanted to do was get in the pool.  All day, everyday.  Which is fine with me, I love the sun.  We ate at our favorite mexican place and a new pizza joint, played at the park by the lake and walked around town.  Since our place is a 2 bedroom condo, we put the kids in the same room.  The first night, Theo fell asleep pretty quickly, but MJ was up I'm really not sure how long just chatting away.  I fell asleep around 11:30pm and she was still talking.  The sun would shine in there window in the morning and of course she woke up with it...then proceeded to wake up bubba.  He didn't seem to mind.  We heard them giggling, singing and chatting.  So sweet...if only it wasn't 6am in the morning! We have darkening curtains on their windows at home so thankfully this doesn't happen.  They took short naps on the way home on Saturday, thankfully :).

52 Project 33/52


52 Project - Week 33

Someone got into the stamps...thinking they were fun stickers to put everywhere!

 Chalk silhouettes

Theo & Trevor at playgroup

Crazy Daisy trying to run after a ball

52 Project 32/52


52 Project - Week 32

View from my friend Myra's deck - at our Noonday jewelry party

a few gals from our noonday party

Madelyn and Mrs. Nan

Spoiled Sadie dog..still thinks she owns the place

52 Project 31/52


52 Project - Week 31

another bunny in our yard - the kids love watching them eat blackberries