Total Eclipse {of the heart}


We had a fun day viewing the eclipse on Monday.  Had about 99% coverage from our house.  A lot of people drove about an hour west to view it, but we decided to stay home.  The kids got a day off school for "incliment weather" so that was nice!  A couple friends ended up coming over too.  We would go in and out of the house periodically so see move.  Then all three of my "kids" decided to make masks to go over their glasses to make sure they didn't look straight up.  Madelyn learned all about it at school the week prior so woke up really excited!

Madelyn's in 1st Grade!


We have a first grader!  And she's loving school.

Arkansas Trip


The week after Florida, we headed up to Arkansas.  One of my best friends is having a baby so I went up to Missouri the day after we got there and headed to her baby shower!  An added bonus was riding up with one of my college roommates.  Loved catching up with these girls!

While in Arkansas we went to the pool, their new-ish waterpark, ate some good food, got pedicures, hung around the house and saw my brother, sis in law and their kiddos!

Florida Trip


Back in mid-July, the kids and I joined my parents on a trip to Florida!  Tim wasn't able to join us this time, but he surprised us at my parents house the following week.  Thanks mom and dad for a fun couple weeks!

Lots of pictures ahead...