November Wrap-Up


Jump Jam

Snow Day!



On Thanksgiving week this year my parents, Gigi and Pops, came out to visit.  We love having them here!  The kids were still in school so they were able to eat lunch with them.  It's such a special time for the kids.  They also house/dog sat for us a couple days while we headed to Georgia to spend a couple days with Tim's family.  So grateful for this!  We enjoyed spending time with them as well.



Theodore: 7 1/2 Years Old


Theodore Joseph,

You are seven and a half!  We just love celebrating you every chance we get.  You love making people laugh and are such a charmer.

You started first grade in August and are flourishing.  Taking everything in and such a smarty pants.  So incredibly proud of you. You are the sweetest person to your friends in class.  We love watching you interact with them.

You weigh 47 lbs and are 47.5 in. tall

Currently in size 7t shirts, 6T pants and size 1 shoes

Your favorite foods are shells and cheese, nachos, fruit and anything with sugar.

You love Salsaritas, Chick-fil-A and Panera

Going to sleep at night around 7pm and waking up for school at 6:30am. 

Some of your favorite activities are building, crafting, jumping on the trampoline, making paper airplanes, soccer and hanging out with your sister.

You enjoy making all kinds of things.  Your room and the rest of the house are full of your crafts.  Such an imagination!

You played soccer this fall and dad was your coach.  You absolutely loved it!  You're playing indoor over the winter.

We love you so much little boy and are very proud of you.


Field Trip to the Aquarium


First grade took a field trip to the Aquarium for their fall trip.  Tim met up with them and chaperoned a couple boys from Theo's class.  They had a blast!  It's always nuts because so many schools and classes are there at the same time, but Theo had so much fun.  He loved having his dad there!

October Wrap-Up


October was packed full of activities.  Soccer the rain and cold, but I absolutely love watching them play!  We bundled up and trudged on out there.  The kids had their school fun run again this year.  The staff make it such a fun activity!  We also had the fall fest at church.  A time of bounce houses, food, raffles and all kinds of fun.  Madelyn had her fall field trip to the Muse.  So much stuff to do and learn.  She loved it!

almost game time


The kids love reading but also being read to.  I try and read a chapter or two out of a book every night before they dive into their devotional/bible and head to bed.  Most of the books I've never read because they didn't come out until after I was out of Elementary school.  It's fun to see what all they're in to.