16 Weeks


Yesterday, I went in for my 16 week appointment.  The doc said everything still looks good and on track.  I'm still feeling pretty good and craving fruit...and McDonald's; just tired all the time.  It takes me a little longer to get up and ready for work...at 5:30am in the morning.

The exciting news the doc told me is we'll find out the gender of baby at my next appointment on November 2nd.  Tim and I can't wait!  If you know us well...or at all, you know we're both planners.  We like to have everything planned ahead on our schedules and we try to be everywhere on time.  We know a kid will change this..immensely...but at least we can know ahead of time what gender the baby is.  We're planning to do a "gender neutral" nursery anyway.  But we're still excited to know what baby is so we can decide on a name!



So if you haven't already heard, Tim and I are expecting our first child on March 30th, 2011.  We are super pumped about it!  Right now, I'm almost 15 weeks.  The first trimester I felt bad pretty much everyday.  Not throwing up, but continually nauseous.  The second trimester has been much better so far.  As long as I eat snacks all day, I'm usually fine.  Tim's been great with everything!  He goes to the store for me whenever I have "cravings" and has been a great help around the house...with cleaning and the dogs.  My cravings have been fruit so far...well...and McDonald's french fries.  But I craved those even before I got pregnant!  Here's a shot of the belly..just pooching out a little so far...but enough that my pants are getting a little tight!

14 1/2 Weeks