December Wrap Up


Christmas Spectacular

15 Years

15 Years with my guy!  So thankful and continually blessed by him.

The kids watched our wedding video with us this year.  They got a kick out of it!  We spent the rest of the day hanging out together - lunch, enjoying the sun outside and family time together.

Brunch at one of my favorites...First Watch

Madelyn's BIG Decision


Christmas was very special this year.  A week or so before Christmas, we had our Christmas Spectacular at church.  At the end, our campus pastor was talking about how Jesus offers us the gift of salvation but we have to make the decision to reach out and take it.  It hit home with Madelyn.  When he had people raise their hand at the end, she looked at me and stuck her hand in the air.  They brought around a card for her and she clutched on to it tight.  Over the following week and 1/2 she didn't want to talk about it much, but wanted to keep the card close to her.  We continually prayed for Madelyn and her heart.  On Christmas Day, we asked if she wanted to sit down and talk for a little bit with just the three of us.  She opened up and wanted to pray with us.  We were overjoyed!  Praying for our little girl as she walks through life on the narrow path that leads to Jesus.  That she will let her light shine for HIM daily.  Best Day!


We stayed home during the holidays this year.  We missed extended family but it was nice just to be home with the dogs and to stay in our PJ's most days. 

Christmas Eve 

Reading the Christmas Story

Christmas Morning

Madelyn's Chorus Concerts


Madelyn's chorus from school did all kinds of singing during the holiday season.  We love watching her!  Theo was there every time supporting her.  So thankful for the friendship these two have.

Christmas Decor


We decorated the Christmas tree and house this year before Thanksgiving.  I'm normally a scrooge and don't want to decorate, but was actually excited about it and left it up longer than we typically do.  The kids got a kick out of looking at all the ornaments this year. 

Madelyn thought this ornament was so funny

sweet boys hand is so much bigger