The kids had so much fun this year on Halloween.  Madelyn dressed up like a butterfly and bubba boy was a dinosaur.  His first choice was a worm, but we couldn't find one that fit him and well, I don't sew.  So, a dinosaur it was.

Fall Break Trip - Part 2 - Baltimore


If you missed part 1 of our trip, you can read it here. Our last full day we spent in Baltimore near Valerie's place.  First stop was the train museum.  Both kids loved seeing all the trains and doing the kids activities.

After the train museum, we headed to the Inner Harbor.  This is the downtown area of Baltimore.  It was fleet week so we saw lots of boats!  Ate lunch down there and did a little shopping til the kids were worn out.

We headed to Valerie's house for a steak dinner before headed back to D.C. for our last night's sleep.  The kids had fun on the neighborhood playground and in Val's back yard while dinner was being cooked.  This week we had the perfect fall weather to visit.  No rain, 60's to 70's during the day, lovely.

Back to Tennesse we go!  Thanks for being such great hostesses, Amy and Valerie.  Hopefully we can come back soon!
 sleepy eyes

Fall Break Trip - Part 1 - Washington DC


Finally a blog update.  You're welcome Tee!  I have a few life update posts to come, but for now, I'll give y'all a summary of our fall break trip.  Both kids had last week off for a short break from school.  We decided awhile back to use this time to visit Tim's sisters in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland.

It took us about 9 hrs to get there.  The kids did pretty well in the car.  Thanks to the DVD player, leap pad, coloring, car games and snacks.

Ready to roll!
 Cracker Barrel for lunch