Theodore: 3 Months


Theo boy,

You are three months old today!

Here are some of your stats for the month:

-You probably weigh around 12 lbs.  At the doctor a couple weeks ago you weight 11 lbs. 8 oz and were 23 in. long.  Big boy!

-You are wearing size 1 diapers, but have a box of size 2 waiting in your closet.  You'll start size 2 once we finish up this last box of size 1.  You are wearing 3 month clothes.

-You've almost mastered holding your head up.  You are great during tummy time and still rolling over to your back.  Such a strong boy.

-You're starting to "talk" to people now and smile all the time.  Especially when we get you up in the morning.  Love it.

-You are currently eating around 8 oz. every 4 hours and just started rice cereal the other day.  You're trying to get used to the spoon in your mouth.  You eat at 7:30-8am, 11am, 2:30-3pm and 6-7pm.

-You sleep around 11-12 hours at night.  Going to bed between 7:30-8pm and then up between 7:30-8am in the morning. It's nice not having that late night feeding!

-Still taking 3 naps a day.  Morning nap from about 9am-11am, afternoon from about 1pm-3pm and evening from about 4:30pm-6pm.

-You've started sucking your thumb.  We put little gloves on your hands to keep you from doing it.  They're at least slowing you down!

-You still watch your sissy all the time.  It's funny to watch you two interact.  And you follow the dogs with your eyes as well.  Sadie likes to sit next to you while you're being fed.

Waiting for your doc appt.

In your bumbo (yes, we know they've been recalled, but mommy was watching him)

Sucking your thumb

Sleeping (thanks for this pic, Heather!)

 Hanging out

Testing out his high chair

Sissy pointing to bubba

3 Months!

-Mommy and Daddy

Madelyn: 17 Months


Kiddo, you are growing too fast.

You are developing quite the little personality!

Love making funny faces and showing mommy and daddy where all your body parts are (nose, toes, mouth, tongue, eyes, hair, fingers, belly button)

Every time you come downstairs from a nap, you immediately look for your "bubba".  Once you spot him, you point and laugh and make sure whoever's holding you knows you found him

You are saying momma, dada and sometimes daddy, bubba, Teo for Theo, hi, bye (for the first time today) and then you jabber all the time.  Especially when you're playing with all your toys.

Still taking 2 naps a day (morning and afternoon).  The morning nap is from about 10am-11:30am and the afternoon nap is from about 2pm-4pm sometimes later.  You will sit in your crib before and after naps just talking away to your stuffed animals "bunny" and "piglet".  Once you're done, you look at the camera and/or door and wait for mommy or daddy to come get you.

Going down at night around 6:30 or 7.  You'll wake up between 7:30 and 8 in the morning.

Eating pretty much anything we put in front of you.  Your favorites right now are cheese, ritz crackers, spaghetti, cheese toast, and apples.

You've started chasing the dogs around.  You think it's a game.  The doggies aren't too fond of it.

You love it when someone tickles you.  You'll do your sign for more if we stop.

Daddy got you a new soccer ball and you've learned how to roll it on the floor.  You haven't quite mastered kicking it yet.  You want to stand on top of it.  You'll learn.

When you hear any kind of music, you start dancing.  No matter if it's from your toy, tv, radio, etc.  And you're normally right on the beat.  Good kid.

Still wearing size 4 diapers and mostly 18 month clothes.  Some 12 month pants still fit you, but are getting a little shot.  You're stretching out.

You've learned how to rock "dolly" and give her a bottle

You'll go to the doctor next month and we'll see how much you weigh

You love playing with your purse and putting on your lipstick (don't worry it's plastic).  You also love playing with mommy's jewelry.  Such a girly girl.  But then again, you were playing in the dirt outside tonight and picking up rocks.  Guess you'll be well rounded.

When mommy has any type of flowery shirt on or something bright, you are fascinated with it.

Pulling up on everything, but still no walking yet.  You think about it, but then sit down and crawl.  It'll come.

Pig Tails

Seriously mom, another picture?

At the park playing

My favorite activity, eating

Shopping with daddy at Costco

Playing with dino outside

Playing with dino inside

So funny

You want some water mommy?


Funny face

Another funny face

Playing her piano

Sissy and bubba (thanks for this picture, Heather =)

17 Months!

Love you kid!

-Mommy and Daddy