March Wrap Up


March was such a fun month!  We celebrated birthdays, traveled and spent much needed time together as a family. 

the puppies waiting for food

 a HUGE cookie cake for my bday - it's what I ask for every year

Atlanta Fun!


As I mentioned in a previous post, we went to the Atlanta area for a few days during spring break.  Spent a day with Mimi, Papa, Elizabeth and the girls then headed north of the city to see our friends from Seattle, the Orrs.  We love and miss them so much!

The kids loved fishing off the dock of their neighborhood lake.  Both kids caught some fish!

Thank you sweet friends for being so hospitable!  We can't wait to go back.

Madelyn: 8th Birthday Party


Madelyn had her birthday party at a nearby gym, Tennova, this year.  We sang Happy Birthday, ate cake, opened gifts, rocked climbed, played basketball and went swimming.  Since it was the end of spring break, several friends weren't able to attend, but she had such a fun time anyway!  Thanks to all who came out and helped celebrate our little girls birthday!!

Madelyn: 8th Birthday


Since the kids spring break was during Madelyn's birthday, Tim and I headed up to school to eat lunch with she and a friend and deliver a cookie cake to her class the Friday before.  She loved celebrating with her class!

The Sunday before her birthday, we went out for dinner as a family at one of her favorites, Gondolier.  She loves that they sing "Happy Birthday" to her!

Madelyn: 8 Year Old Questions


What is your favorite color?  Orange

What is your favorite thing to do? Read

What is your favorite food? Pizza

What is your favorite TV show? Garfield

What is your favorite thing to wear? PJ's

What is your favorite game? Soccer

What is your favorite animal? Panda

What is your favorite song?  "What A Beautiful Name"

What is your favorite book? I Survived

Who is your best friend? Theo

What is your favorite thing to do outside? swing

What is your favorite drink? Sprite, fruit punch and lemonade mixed together

Where is your favorite place to go? Max Air and Jump Jam

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? piglet, bunny and little blanket

What is your favorite thing about school? recess

What is your favorite bible verse? John 3:16

What's the best thing that happened to you this year? birthday

What are you looking forward to in the next year? birthday and Christmas

Madelyn: 8 Years Old


8 years old today.  It seems so old to us sweet girl.  We are completely in love with you.

You started off the fall with a bang in 2nd grade. Doing extremely well in all subjects and just love your class and teachers.  You're a reading machine and just take everything in around you.  You're also very analytical and question most things.  This can be good and bad.  Mostly good, but definitely comes with consequences.  We pray for you everyday and that little heart of yours. 

You weigh 55 lbs and 48 in. (4 ft.) tall

Currently in size 7-8t tops, pants and dresses.  Size 13/1 shoes.  You definitely have your own sense of style.  Mom picks out outfits some days then we let you pick outfits on other days.  You DO NOT like us to touch your hair.

Your favorite food is still pizza, but you also like mac and cheese, rotisserie chicken, noodles and cheese and pretty much any dessert.  

Going to sleep at night around 7pm, some days earlier when it's been a long day at school.

Some of your favorite activities are dancing, swimming, bike riding, soccer, jumping on the trampoline, the library, playing with your brother and watching over him at school, coloring, homework and playing with friends.

You still have a book in your hand pretty much everywhere we go. 

You switched over to dance instead of gymnastics after Christmas break.  Your recital is in a couple months and we are so excited to watch you.

You and Theo just started up soccer again for the spring season.  You're still extremely competitive!

Our favorite thing is watching you read your devotion and bible every night.  We got you a new devotion that you answer questions and write in for this year.  We just love reading your answers and see how your mind thinks.  So proud of you baby girl.


Theo's Kindergarten Program


We were so proud of our big boy in his Kindergarten program at school.  His first ever program by himself!  The past couple months, Theo would come home and sing songs from school.  We would then add them to our Spotify playlist because, sure, why not.  He was so excited about it!  He also  came home one day and said he volunteered to hold a flashlight during a song.  Again, just so proud of himself.

We had several friends come and support him.  Thank you friends, we appreciate you!  Little bub sang his heart out and held that flashlight like a champ.