Theodore: 4 1/2 Years Old


Theo boy,

It's your half birthday!  We are so in love with you and your little personality. You are the sweetest boy and so kind to others.  But boy, when you get upset, you sure let it be known.  When you don't want to do something, definitely stubborn and don't give in easily.  We know you're testing the waters to see what you can and can't get away with. You'll figure it out buddy!  Love you to the moon and back bubba.

Here are some of your 4 1/2 year old stats:
You weigh 32 lbs. and are 39" tall

You wear size 10 shoe, 4T shirts, 4T pants and PJ's

Some of your favorite foods are nachos, fruit, cheese and crackers, hot dogs, pepperoni, yogurt and rolls

Napping occasionally in the afternoon for around 2 hrs.  Depends if you have school.  Going to bed around 7:30pm and getting up around 8am

Started Parents Day Out/Preschool in September and love it....your friends, teachers, activities, everything.  Walk right in the door with no turning back.

You still love chatting all the time.  To whoever will listen.  We love your little voice.

Your favorite shows are "Paw Patrol", "Cars", "Dora" and "Snoopy"

Some of your favorite things are: coloring and cutting paper, legos, play doh, playing just about anything outside, railroad tracks and playing with sis



Thanksgiving this year was spent in North Carolina with Tim's side of the family.  We headed up there the Wednesday before and stayed the night.  Got in quite a bit of traffic getting there.  What should have taken 3 hours took about 6.  But...we finally made it.

heading to North Carolina

Tom & Izzy's Visit


Our dear dear friends Grandma Izzy and Grandpa Tom came for a visit at the end of October.  We hadn't seen them for almost a year so it was about time!  We miss them so much.  Like a whole lot.
For the most part we hung out at home so they could see what our life looks like now, play with the kids and Tom did quite a bit of work around the house.  He and Tim painted the baseboards, did some wall touch up paint, put hardware on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and cleaned up some of the front flower bed.

reading time

We did manage to take them down to Market Square and the Sunsphere.  Theo's favorite place.  He was so excited to take them there.  We went up, looked around, then ate some southern food at Tupelo Honey.