Vacation-2nd Stop-Arkansas


After a great time in Alabama, we headed for the next leg of the trip in Arkansas.  Here is a picture of Sadie watching DVD's with our nephew Ian.  She is getting very used to the car and loves it compared to the airplane.  Also, Megan's parents have a 55 lb boxer.  Both their dog and our dogs are used to being the "only child" so this is quite interesting getting them together.  We've been holding onto them, but finally let them go.  They ended up doing well together.


Vacation-1st Stop-Alabama


Megan, Sadie and I headed out this week for our multi-state vacation.  We're spending this week in Alabama at my parents' house.  Besides going to the space center, playing at a water park, getting sun burned, eating at Sonic and drinking over a dozen sweet teas, we're having a good time hanging out with my family.  Sadie didn't really enjoy the airplane, but she's having a ball with all these new people.