Merry Christmas!


Giho and Hansol (who are Korean students at Megan's school) joined our family for this Christmas.  We had a great time and it's been fun having them.  Merry Christmas to you all!




Today is our 5th snow day in a row...and it's still coming.  Megan is thrilled.  Tim (who has to drive) not so much.  Seattle hasn't seen this much snow in the last 10 years.


Christmas Program


Last weekend was our Christmas program.  It was great to see the choir, orchestra, drama and media teams all work together and give it their best.

I thought everyone did a great job and it was fun to be a part of.  The program emphasized how Jesus' birth should remind us that Jesus is coming again.  Are we ready?

I'm blessed to have this job of working with such a great crew of people.




We had a great, relaxing day and hope you all did too.  We were at home in Seattle this year and made our first turkey.  We were quite impressed!  Except for that we got a 14 lb turkey just for the 2 of us.  So we have tons of left overs.  Even Sadie had her fill!


Happy Halloween!


I know, we're bad puppy-parents, but we couldn't resist.  Sadie is all ready for Halloween!  Which one do you like better:  Sadie, the pumpkin or Sadie, the pocahontas?


Summertime in Seattle


This is the view from our back porch...just kidding.  But it is a nice picture of my beautiful wife, in front of our beautiful city.  I love my life.


We're home!


These last 3 weeks have been very refreshing and relaxing.  Thanks to all of you who took time to see us during our trip.  Sadie survived the airplanes with the help of some nice "sleepy time" medicine.  It was a great trip and we're glad to be home.


Vacation-final stop-Missouri


This week we made it to the final stop of our multi-state vacation.  Sadie is, again, enjoying meeting new friends.  Matt and Brandy's dog, Gussie, is even sharing her toys with Sadie.  It's been fun seeing friends in Springfield and Republic...but we sure miss the cool weather of Seattle!


Vacation-3rd Stop-Oklahoma


My college roommate, Wes, got married today in Stillwater, OK.  They had a great ceremony and it was a blessing to be a part of it.


Vacation-2nd Stop-Arkansas


After a great time in Alabama, we headed for the next leg of the trip in Arkansas.  Here is a picture of Sadie watching DVD's with our nephew Ian.  She is getting very used to the car and loves it compared to the airplane.  Also, Megan's parents have a 55 lb boxer.  Both their dog and our dogs are used to being the "only child" so this is quite interesting getting them together.  We've been holding onto them, but finally let them go.  They ended up doing well together.


Vacation-1st Stop-Alabama


Megan, Sadie and I headed out this week for our multi-state vacation.  We're spending this week in Alabama at my parents' house.  Besides going to the space center, playing at a water park, getting sun burned, eating at Sonic and drinking over a dozen sweet teas, we're having a good time hanging out with my family.  Sadie didn't really enjoy the airplane, but she's having a ball with all these new people.


Sadie...enough said.


Sadie...going to fetch the mail.

Sadie...trying to meet new friends...better luck next time.

And Sadie...enjoying the new LONG staircase.


New House!


Megan and I have moved...again.  But, this time it was just across town.  We're blessed to have the opportunity to live here while its owner is serving with Wycliffe Ministries.


Mariner's Opening Day!


Today was the Mariners first game of the season and we won!  You all need to go check the standings because the Mariners are in first place in the AL least for one day.  We have high hopes for a good Mariners season.  Even Sadie is excited...we couldn't resist.




We had a great Easter celebration at church.  Our choir and orchestra prepared several special songs that were a joy to share with our church.  Our pastor also had a great Easter message.  I will try to get a picture on here when I get one.  But, thanks for all who prayed for us.  We had a great weekend.


Shoreline Community Band


In order to have some opportunities to continue playing percussion, I decided to join the Shoreline Community College Band.  It's made up of a mixture of college students and community members.  We had our first concert tonight and it went well.  I got to play timpani, xylophone, cymbals, tambourine and some other odds and ends of percussion instruments.  It has also been a good way to meet other musicians from the area.


Megan's Birthday


Things are going well for us, just working hard to prepare for Easter.  Megan had a great birthday shared with friends from church.  However, as you'll also notice from this picture, Sadie got a haircut.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I have a feeling if she could talk, she would let us know what she really thinks about it.  She's still as peppy as ever; never missing a beat!


Tim's Birthday


Megan got me this sweet new Mariners jacket for my birthday!  Now I look like a local!