More new babies


Two couples from our church recently had their babies.  It's fun to have kiddos around Madelyn's age.  We need to get the 4 new babies from our church together for a pic....hopefully you'll see that soon.

This is Drew Paris.  He was born on May 10th, 2011. 

This is brand new baby Leyla Aquino. She was born on June 21, 2011.


Madelyn: 3 Months



You are three months old today!  

Here are some of your stats for the month:

-You weigh a little over 9 lbs.

-You are now wearing size 1 diapers and you're still wearing newborn clothes, but I'm guessing you'll move up to 3 month clothes soon!

-You're doing really well with holding you're head up...but haven't quite mastered it yet.

-You're developing such a cute personality.  You smile at people and "talk" all the time.

-You met your Gigi and Pops for the first time a couple weeks ago and they LOVE you!  I know you love them too!

-You are currently eating around 6 oz. every 4 hours.

-You sleep around 11 hours at night.  Going to bed at about 8pm with your late night feeding at around 10:30pm or 11pm and then up between 7am-7:30am in the morning. We should be able to drop your late night feeding pretty soon.

-You're starting to kick and lift your head up when on your tummy.

Happy three months baby girl!  We love you!

-Mommy and Daddy

First Father's Day


Happy Father's day to my wonderful husband!  You are such a great daddy to Madelyn and I've enjoyed seeing the love you two share already!!  Can't wait to see what life holds for us...

Happy Father's Day Daddio!

Our furry babies love you too!


Gigi and Pops Visit


My parents came up for a couple of weeks to visit.  I started back to work about three weeks ago and they were a huge help with Madelyn!  They stayed home in the mornings with Madelyn while I was at work, then once I got off we'd go somewhere during the afternoon. 

The first weekend they were here we crossed the floating bridge (per my dad's request), went to Bellevue Square mall, saw Microsoft and went to Sparta's Pizza (my fav!!)

 Gigi, Pops and Madelyn

All of us

Our little fam (minus the pups)

Our little star

Dad at Microsoft

Three Generations

The following couple days we took it easy-went to church, ate dinner with some friends (thanks Tom and Izzy!), relaxed at home.  My parents stayed with Madelyn several nights so Tim and I could go out.  We went to Red Robin, a couple movies, my school's graduation, a band practice, our small group...I think that's it?!?  Thanks mom and dad for watching our baby girl while we hit the town!  If you're new parents and someone volunteers to keep your baby, take them up on it!  Your baby will still remember you when you get home =)

We also went to Pike Place one afternoon.  My dad loves all the shops, fresh food (he loves to eat), Starbucks and the atmosphere of the market.  I also tried out our little baby carrier while at the market.  Madelyn loved looking around at everything.  And it was a much easier way to carry her around the market-it's hard to get around there with a stroller.

It was also my mom's birthday and their anniversary while they were up here.  My dad had the idea of taking her up to the Space Needle to eat-Tim and I thought it was a great idea!  We had a fun time and Madelyn had her first ride to the top of the Needle.  I suggest going to the restaurant if you ever come visit Seattle.  The food includes your ride up-so the prices really aren't that bad at all!

The following day we went to North Seattle to eat at Beth's Cafe.  This is voted one of the best places to eat in Seattle...and was also on the show "Man vs. Food".  Beth's is famous for their 12 egg's huge!!  I loved the food and woke up thinking about it the next morning! I love my eggs!  Tim had band practice that morning so I guess that means we'll have to go back!

We had a little photo shoot on Sunday morning before church...

MJ in my old dress

We spent the last two days at the Marysville outlet mall and walking around downtown Edmonds.  Gigi and Pops-I know Madelyn enjoyed her time getting to know you and we enjoyed having you here.  Again, you were a huge help!  Even though our baby sleeps well at night (we are very blessed!) she still requires a lot of you can tell by this pic....

Hope you're getting some rest!

And because I love my furry pups....

They love their sissy.