Daniel Tiger Birthday Party


Bubba boy had a Daniel Tiger birthday party this year at one of his favorite places...Chick-fil-A.  We asked and this is where he chose.  Get's it honestly from his dad who goes there all.the.time.  I think MJ was just as excited as Theo.  She got him all pumped up and they had such a good time.  Only invited a few friends, but it was plenty to get the party going! Played for a bit, ate some food, had some Daniel Tiger Trolley cake, opened gifts, then played some more.  Fun birthday party!

Theodore: 4 Year Old Questions


What is your favorite color? Blue & Red

What is your favorite toy? truck that Pastor Allen gave me

What is your favorite fruit? Orange

What is your favorite TV show? Doc McStuffins & Mickey

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Noodles

What is your favorite outfit? Mickey costume

What is your favorite game?  Balls & Wiki Stix

What is your favorite snack? Veggie straws & Goldfish

What is your favorite animal? mickey, ruff ruff - in his bed

What is your favorite song?  Daddy's Song "Forever Reign" and Mommy's Song "There's Something
                                                                                                                                   About That Name"
What is your favorite book? The 6 Little Dinosaurs

Who is your best friend? Daddy, Madelyn, Mommy

What is your favorite dinner? Veggie straws & Goldfish

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Trampoline, sprinkler and water table

What is your favorite drink?  Lemonade

What is your favorite place to go? Froyo

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Mickey, ruff-ruff & cow

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? nutrigrain bars & cinnamon roll

What did you do on your birthday?  Went to the mall, played in the play place, threw pennies in the fountain, rode the train

Theodore: 4 Years Old


Theodore Joseph,

Happy 4th birthday baby boy!  You are the sweetest boy and will do anything for anyone.  Especially your sister.  You are extremely giving and generous.  Still love us to hold you and rock you.  Love you bubba!

Here are some of your 4 year old stats:

-You weigh 31 lbs. and are 38.5" tall

-You wear size 9-10 shoe, 4T shirts, 3T pants and PJ's

-Some of your favorite foods are cheese rollups, nachos, fruit, veggie straws, goldfish, cheese crackers and cheese

-Napping most days in the afternoon for around 2 hrs.  Going to bed around 7:30pm and getting up around 8am

-Started weeball a couple months ago.  It's been so fun watching you play!

-You love to talk and talk and talk and seem to have one volume.  We asked you to lower your voice down a little the other day and you said "This is just how I talk, mom."  Guess it is buddy!

-Your favorite shows are "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", "Paw Patrol", & "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"

-Some of your favorite things are:  riding your bike, coloring and cutting paper, singing, playing drums, playing with wiki sticks, play doh, jumping on the trampoline and playing with water

-You have a sweet, kind spirit and we are just so in love with you!

Pictures from the 2nd half of your 3 year old year.  The first half are here







Dance Recital


After preschool graduation, we had a couple hours until MJ's dance recital.  She was so worn out because of a long day, but was still such a cutie performer.  Baby girl invited as many people as she could and they all said yes.  She loves seeing everyone involved and doesn't want to leave anybody out. Afterwards, we went out for some Froyo.  They both went right to sleep when we got home.  Tired babies.

Preschool Graduation


My baby girl is officially a preschool graduate.  She had a cute graduation on Thursday after school with an ice cream party afterward.  The kids sang some songs then had the processional of graduates.  I was good with my emotions until she came to gave me a hug.  Then I was a teary, hot mess.  It all got better with a little ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Fruit & Berry Patch


On Monday, a group of us went to pick some strawberries at the fruit & berry patch.  It's only about 10 minutes from our house!  The kids had so much fun.  There weren't a ton of strawberries left, but the kids managed to find some baby berries.  After picking, the kids had a fruit slush made from the berries they grow.  Excited about going back in the fall for pumpkins!



Yesterday was our first visit to Dollywood.  Thank you to our friends, the Atchley's, for the tickets!!  There were tons of people there, but despite that, the kids had so much fun.  They both kept asking to go on bigger and faster rides.  No fear from either one.  We managed to get in and out with only spending money on parking!  We brought in some snacks and got free water from the food stands around us.  Hopefully we'll go there again soon since it's so close...but maybe on a weekday next time.  A fun day with the family!

donut stop on the way

waiting for the tram

Zoo Day


We finally visited the Knoxville Zoo yesterday!  We only went to the Seattle Zoo a handful of times because it wasn't very close to our house.  The Knox Zoo is only about 15 minutes away and has lots of exhibits, a splash pad and river.  We went with our friends Vanessa, Leyla and Jonas.  The kids had so much fun and of course didn't want to leave.  Thankfully I got a season pass so we can go back as much as we want, yay! 

Mother's Day


selfie before heading to church

family photo

with my babies

 my furry babies

After church, we went to one of my favorites, Panera Bread, for lunch then home for naps.  When the kids woke up, they washed cars for me while I sat outside and read.  Ended the day with some trampoline jumping and leftovers for dinner.  Such a good day with my loves.

Thomas the Train


Today we all went down to Chattanooga to see Thomas the Train and all his friends.  We told the kids we were going somewhere special today, but didn't tell them until this morning that it was to see Thomas.  Before we told them, Theo got up, put on his Thomas shirt that was laid out for him and said "I've never seen a real Thomas before".  Then we told him, "We'll today you are buddy!

The day consisted of bubbles, popcorn, playing with trains, riding the train, sno cones and a big bouncy house. The kids had so much fun and were worn out after the day was over.  We stopped for lunch on the way home at one of Tim's all time favorites - Fazoli's.  Fast food Italian.  We used to go there all the time when we lived in Springfield, MO.  Brought back some memories.