A couple weeks ago, the kids went bowling for their very first time.  Our friends Todd, Missy and their kids invited us for a night out of bowling and dinner.  The kids were super excited.  Bowling is not mine and Tim's thing because basically...we're terrible.  BUT we love spending time with friends so off we went.  The kids were excited to wear different shoes...although stinky, gross shoes, they were excited nonetheless.  Found a ball just their size.  Pink for MJ of course.  They also used the ball roller things.  I don't know the technical term.  I should have one too!  Theo loved it the whole time.  Kept bowling then dancing when he knocked down pins.  Madelyn liked it for the first game then was done and would rather chat with everyone instead.

First Snow


About a month ago, we had our first snow of the year!  It wasn't really "build a snowman" type snow, but good enough to sled and make snow angels.  It was freeeezing cold though so the kids didn't stay out too long.  I was planning to go out and sled with them, but the moment I stepped outside...oh my was freezing.  Decided to make them hot chocolate for when they came back in (which was about 10 minutes later).  We're hoping to get some more before winter is over..especially since we have 10 built in snow days and have only used 1! 

Fall Family Pictures


A friend from Salem, Kristin, took some pictures of our family back in November.  She did such a good job in so little time!  I loved them all, but especially the one with Daisy giving Tim and Theo licks.