Madelyn: 11 Months


11 months!  Holy cow, you're getting so big!

-We're guessing you weigh about 19.5 lbs and are getting longer and longer everyday.  Your belly is getting much smaller.

-You are in size 3 diapers and 9-12 and 12 month clothes.

-You LOVE to stand up.  We walk around with you and you're so proud of yourself. 

-You're eating everything we feed you.  Eating and nap time are your favorite times of the day.

-You are still eating 4 oz. four times a day.  We'll try switching your formula to a sippy cup soon and eventually adding whole milk.

-You've continue sleeping about 12-13 hours with 2 naps (morning and evening).  Going to bed at about 7pm and waking up at about 8am.

-You helped daddy celebrate his birthday and also celebrated your first Valentine's Day.

-Only 2 bottom teeth still.  But drooling like crazy, so I'm sure there are more on the way.

-You found out your brother's name will be Theo!

At work with dad

Before the Fitch's Chinese New Year Party

Bath fun with your ducky

Eating lunch with Auntie Heather

At Sparta's for dad's bday dinner


Eating dinner-carrots first-that's my girl!

Standing up-such a big girl!

Monkey from Pops for Valentine's

Playgroup friends

Getting ready for your 11 month pic

11 Months

Love you kid!

-Mommy and Daddy

Theodore Joseph


We have finally decided on a name for baby boy:

Theodore Joseph McCarty 

We'll call him Theo.

Theodore was not originally on our baby name list, but it was suggested from a close friend.  After we found out we were having a boy, we looked up the meaning of the name Theodore.  We found that Theodore means "Gift from God."  The more we thought about that name, the more we thought it would be perfect for our new baby boy.  We know he will be a precious gift from God and we can't wait to meet him.  Joseph is after Tim's Dad and we wanted that name to show Theo that his family, near and far, will always be an important part of his life.  We also love how Joseph is a strong name to partner with Theodore.

So there you have it.  Now time to decorate his room.  3 more months! Yea!




Monday night Tim and I were able to go out to celebrate Valentine's Day after I taught my lessons.  Tim had class at 7 so we only had about an hour an 1/2.  But that was plenty of time to eat.  We were planning to take little bit with us, but our friend Michelle volunteered to come over after work and watch her.  We took her up on it!  Tim and I went to Emory's in Silver Lake.  It was good and we had a coupon!  Gotta love discounts.  Kind of pricy so I don't think we'd go back without another coupon, but it had a very nice atmosphere. 
Yesterday morning, Tim had a very sweet card for Madelyn and we put her in her first Valentine's shirt.  Such a cutie. 


The good and the bad


The Good-they just built a new Panera Bread down the street from my work AND it's a drive-thru.  I love their food and I can get healthy choices.

The Bad-they just built a new Panera Bread down the street from my work AND it's a drive-thru.  Meaning-it's close to church and all our doctor's.  I can easily drive thru with Madelyn in the car.  I've been there at least 4 times since it opened.  It opened last week.

That's it.



Happy 29th birthday to my awesome hubs!  I like to remind him that he'll always be older than me =)  Have a great last year in your 20's, babe-o!

We love you!
-Megan and Madelyn

Love on Ice


For our anniversary, Tim got us tickets to go to "Love on Ice" in Kent.  It combines music and figure I knew I'd love it.  The event was last Thursday and it was great! 

Tim left work early and got home at about 4pm so he could relieve our normal Thursday babysitter, Lynn, and get ready for evening sitter, Natalie.  I got home around 4:30pm and Natalie arrived shortly arrived.  We drove over to Kent and ate at Chipotle.  We had never been there before, but it's similar to Qdoba and Mucho Burrito.  Like I said in the last post, I've been on a mexican kick for the last couple weeks.  I had a burrito and it was really good.  Chipotle was right across the street from the Kent Arena so we got there right before it began. 

It is being aired on NBC this Saturday, the 4th, so it was fun being apart of the "audience" and seeing how they do commercial breaks, etc.  The two hosts for the evening were Nancy Kerrigan and Kristi Yamaguchi.  They did okay...but should stick to ice skating, ha!  Then Kenny G kicked off the evening with one of his songs and a group of the figure skaters came out.  The ones I can remember are Sasha Cohen, Kimi Meisner and Kurt Browning.  They did several group numbers and some individual pieces as well.  Gladys Knight also performed.  She was amazing!  Needless to say, you should watch it this Saturday.  I think it's on at 4pm PST.

We got home at around 11 so I was pretty tired at work on Friday, but it was definitely worth it. 

Here are a couple pictures Tim took on his phone...

This is where Kenny G and Gladys Knight performed