Theodore: 14 Months


Precious Theo boy,

-Almost walking!  So close!  You climb up and "cruise" on everything.  You'll try standing by yourself, but once you realize what you're doing, you sit right back down.

-You weigh about 20 lbs.  You go to the doctor again in about a month.  Getting long!

-Still wearing size 12-18 month clothes and 12 month pj's. In size 4 diaper.

-Such a fast crawler.  We have to run after you to catch you!

-Laughing at EVERYTHING!  Especially your sister.  You love her so much. Last night you two were just giggling non stop.  It was so cute.

-Going down at night around 7-7:30 and getting up between 7:30-8. Occasionally taking a morning nap for about an hour, but definitely an afternoon nap for a couple hours.

-You have 7 teeth and 2 bottom molars popping in.  You've handled them pretty well.  Occasional crankiness and TONS of drooling.

-You've participated in your first VBS this week.  Mommy and Daddy are both helping out so that means you and sissy are in the nursery.  You don't mind other people holding you, but when you see mommy and daddy coming to pick you up, you crawl soo fast over to us.  We love it.

-Celebrated your second 4th of July.  You hung out with family and friends at the Jones' house.  Enjoyed time eating and getting held by anyone in sight.

-You continue sucking that thumb!  Whatever helps you kiddo.  We'll break the habit later :)

-You had your first road trip and did very well in the car and sleeping somewhere other than home.

Happy 14 months little guy!

-Mommy and Daddy

MJ Update


Madelyn has changed A LOT in the past couple months.  She is doing so many new things and developing a cute, little personality.  Becoming more determined and yes, stubborn, like her mommy.

-She moved into a toddler bed about a month ago.  The first night she got out and played for awhile.  Tim eventually put her back down around 9 and she fell to sleep.  Ever since then, she's been pretty good about staying in bed.  Not always going right to sleep, but she'll sing and talk to herself til she does.

 First night in her big girl bed

Loving the new artwork on her wall

-Talking non-stop.  This started a couple weeks ago.  All the sudden she started repeating everything we said.  She normally calls Theo "Bubba", but she's now saying his name.  It's so cute.

Attempting to watch Daniel Tiger together

-She's getting her 2 year molars in.  Which has been tons of fun..ha!  Becoming such a big girl.

-Still taking a nap in the afternoon.  Typically between 2-3 hours.  Depends on what she does in the morning.  Gets up around 8:30-9 in the morning.  Such a good sleeper....well, except on vacation!

-Potty trained during the day, still wears a diaper during nap and nighttime.  The nap diaper will probably be able to stop pretty soon.

-Does not like when she doesn't get her way.  Just like her mommy.  Her favorite words are "no" and "go".  Doesn't like sitting at stop lights or stop signs.

-Favorite TV show is still "Daniel Tigers Neighborhood" on PBS kids.

-Being such a good big sister to Theo.  She plays with him and is teaching him how to use his walker and play with all the toys.

In their new wagon from Michelle

Hanging out with Gigi

"dot-dots" on her toes like mommy!

Love you baby girl!


Chelan Vacation


This past week, Tim, the kids and I have been over in Chelan (in Eastern Washington).  We left Sunday after lunch.  The kids took turns napping in the car.  Neither one at the same time.  But nonetheless, the drive was beautiful.  Love driving through the mountains!

The babies are ready to watch "Blue" (Monsters, Inc)

We stopped at Sonic on our way in town :), ended up getting in Chelan late Sunday evening, put the kids down and I went to grab some groceries. 

In her big bed!

Monday we swam at the pool all morning, ate lunch, then the kids napped until about dinner time.  Ate dinner, went down to the lake to stick our feet in, played at the playground, got a sno cone, then went back to the condo to put the kids down.  Theo's been going right to sleep, but the sun shines in Madelyn's window so she hasn't gone down until the sun has.  Then she gets up when the sun's up.  Needless to say, not much sleeping in for us, but guess it just gives us more time to play!  And good thing I got a big bag of coffee at the store!

Both kids first time swimming. Madelyn loved it! Theo was you can see...he's pretty comfortable lounging by the pool!

Tuesday morning, both kids got up early, so we decided to put them down for a little morning nap.  Theo still needs one anyway.  After that, we went back down to the pool to swim, ate lunch at a local mexican place, then the kids napped.  Woke up, ate dinner, back down to the pool, then back to sleep for the night.

Wednesday, we headed to the water park in town (didn't bring the camera or phones in...sorry, no pics!) They have a section for 2 and under so we stayed there most of the time.  Madelyn loved it!  Did not want to leave.  Theo wasn't so sure at first, but was splashing around by the time we left.  Naps in the afternoon, dinner and we stayed home for the night. 

Playing at the condo!

Thursday morning we cleaned things up because some more friends were staying there this weekend.  Ate lunch, went to Sonic again :) and headed home.
A good week away.  

View from the condo balcony :)


Gigi and Pops visit


Over the last several weeks, my mom and dad were up here visiting! We had a fun time hanging out, listening to all of Madelyn's new words, trying to teach Theo how to walk, going to the zoo, 4th of July party, reading, getting Madelyn's haircut and EATING!! Tim and I were able to go out a lot...thanks Gigi and Pops for babysitting!! Here are some pictures that captured the visit...

Pops and Theo at 4th of July, Pops with MJ on the carousel at the zoo, Gigi with MJ on the carousel, Gigi and MJ before her 2nd haircut

Gigi with both babies, Tim, Pops and Theo at Beth's Cafe

Thanks for visiting! It was great to have you here AND to have the extra hands around the house!


Girly haircut and swing set!


A family from church, the Fitch's, gave us their swing set! The kids love it!! It took awhile for the guys to take it a part at the Fitch's house and put it back together at ours, but it's well worth it!

Madelyn got her 2nd haircut this past Saturday from Julia. She loved sitting up in the chair. And was so good sitting still. Enjoyed every moment.

Such a big girl!