Theo's 1st Birthday Party!


Last night, we had Theo's bday party. He and Madelyn both had a fun time eating pizza, cake and being the center of attention!

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate baby boy! And a big thanks to Heather for helping me setup/decorate everything!


Theodore: 12 Months


You are 1 year old little boy.  Happy birthday to YOU!

You are our special surprise blessing.  We love you so much and cannot imagine life without you.  Thank you for changing it for the better.

Here are some of your 1 year stats:

-Weighing in at 19lbs 8oz and 29" tall

-You are in size 4 diapers and wearing 12 to 12-18 month clothes.

-You love crawling and moving everywhere!  You also stand up on EVERYTHING.  You love your walker and get so giddy and excited when you are walking with it.

-Eating everything in sight.  You love eating whatever food your sister doesn't finish!  You'll pick out what you like first, then eventually finish everything else.

-You are drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup.  You did pretty well with the transition. 

-Sleeping well, but sometimes teething bothers you and you'll wake up a couple times.  Typically you go down for the night around 7pm and wake up about 7:30-8am.  Nap twice a day.  In the morning you go down around 9:30 and sleep for an hour.  In the afternoon down about 1pm and sleeping til 3 or 3:30.

-You will have a special birthday party tonight with many of your friends!

-You have a lot of teeth coming in!  4 on the bottom and 4 on the top!

-You LOVE playing with sissy.  She's getting used to you trying to grab her toys.

-Such a cuddly little boy when you're tired.  You stick that thumb in and cuddle right up to whoever will hold you.  When you're not tired, you want down so you can move all around.

Climbing up on mommy while at church

Yummy food!


Sitting in your new big boy chair!


Hanging out with Auntie H!

Happy Birthday Theodore Joseph!

We love you!!

-Mommy and Daddy

MJ Time!


My little girly.


Mother's Day Pictures


Better late than never on my Mother's Day post!

We had our friend, Chuck, take some pictures of our family last Saturday morning.  The kids weren't very smiley in most pictures, but we got a few where they were at least looking at the camera.  Guess that's all you can expect from a 2 and almost 1 year old!  Madelyn wanted to play on the playground and it was Theo's nap time so he was a sleepy little boy.  

Here are a few...

After our picture fest, Tim and I headed to the Sounders soccer game with our friends Suzanne, Bill, Sabrina, Chuck, Michelle and Aaron.  It was a bright, sunny day at the soccer field. And the Sounders won!  

Sunday we headed to church in the morning, then came home for the kids nap time.  I sent Tim to Costco because he loves that store and I'm not a big fan.  Unless I'm just there to browse.  Which rarely happens these days.  I cleaned the house up a little while he was gone.  Then he went out and got us some Chinese for dinner.  It was a nice, relaxing Mother's Day.