Oh, what a weekend


I mentioned in the last post that Madelyn has been sick and Tim had strep last week.  Thankfully both of them are feeling much better!  Madelyn has a cough that's hanging on, but other than that, almost back to her normal self.
On Friday, I could tell Theo wasn't feel like himself.  He had a fever, then a cough and runny nose developed.  Sunday night he was struggling to breathe so I took him into the ER the following morning.  Turns out he has the flu.  I'm guessing that's what Madelyn had too.
Today he's feeling much better, thankfully!

Needless to say, I've been disinfected and cleaning like crazy.  Our washer hasn't stopped running for about a week.  Praying the rest of this week and weekend is different than the last.

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Indie Grace said...

Awww....feel better Bubba.
Love you and Sissy.