Life Lately


Everyone is well!!!  And there's much rejoicing.  The house is fully disinfected.  Enough that some friends felt comfortable coming over for dinner the other night.

We had our first playgroup with Salem this past week.  It was fun getting to know some of the moms a little better.  Looking forward to the next one.  But y'all, it's getting warm outside.  Glad there is a/c inside!!  It typically got around 80 in Seattle during the summer.  Gonna have to get used to this heat.  I don't mind long as there's a pool close by.  Might have to invest in a small blow up pool.  Time to go to the beach.  Soon and very soon.

selfie after playgroup - bubba photobombing the pic

Random thoughts....I've learned that I need good friends to talk about life with.  The ups and down, ins and outs, good and bad.  I have some friends in Seattle that I love so so very much.  Could call them (and still can) and they'd stop what they're doing to chat or come over.  Now I'm making some of those friendships here in Knoxville.  Thanks to all who have been praying for me to make close friends.  I know several who have been specifically praying for that, and I'm definitely seeing them answered.

The kids had another teeball game on Thursday and we had some friends come by and watch.  The kids lit up when they saw their faces.  They loved it.


The other day I went to Aldi for the first time.  Yes mom and Summer, you've been telling me how great it is.  And you weren't lying.  I spent about 15 minutes on the first aisle.  If you have one in your town and haven't been there, go.  But remember a quarter for your cart and your own bags.

Saturday morning, we had a neighborhood yard sale.  Tim said my closet exploded on our driveway.  Which is pretty accurate.  Some lady bought 7 pairs of shoes, what???  I gave her a discount.  My friend Rachel and her doggie, Eleanor came over to sit with us in the sunshine.

Theo found a ball and MJ a duckie umbrella

While I was manning the yard sale table, Tim and the kids worked on putting up our new trampoline from Tim's parents!  Yay for hours of fun.


Anonymous said...

Yep!! I told you that Aldi's was a deal:) Sorry I didn't give you warning about the bags!! I've been praying for close friends for you (and Tim) since I found out you were moving to Knoxville!! It'll come....just be a little patient:) Seven pairs of shoes....what a deal!!!

Indie Grace said...

Aldi's! Yes. That's where the chocolate bar came from that I sent the babies. My favorite.