And it's Thursday


This week has flown by.  It's consisted of being outside a lot, going to the bounce house, church activities, preschool, finding a critter in our garage and sickness (boo!).

playing while Mrs. Nova is babysitting

waiting for mom and dad

teeball practice in the backyard

posing for a picture

I went on a hike

bounce house fun

Yesterday morning, Tim went to find something in the garage.  He comes back inside and says "Don't ask, but I think there's an animal of some kind in the garage".  He saw a tail and heard some scratching.  After moving out both cars and taking a shelf off the garage storage he saw this furry thing...

He thought it was a rat at first, but then saw the big floppy ears.  It was a little bunny.  He finally got it out of the garage and into a box.  We brought the kids out so they could see it as we let it go.

Tim left for work and the kids and I left to meet some friends.  When we got back, I went out back and saw the bunny - which I named "Bugs" - in the backyard.  I went down the deck to see it and it hopped in a corner.  Stayed in that corner until we left for church.  I checked on it again when we got home and it was gone.  Hoping Bugs found his family of bunnies.

Woke up this morning to baby girl having a temperature.  She said she felt fine, but definitely had a temperature of 101.5.  Tim took baby boy to school while I'm home with baby girl while she's having a Paw Patrol marathon.  Praying she feels better.  Their first teeball game is scheduled for tonight if it doesn't rain.  It should be entertaining!

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