MJ's Teeball Debut & Kinder Round-Up


The last 2 weeks have been long.  Tim started it off with strep, MJ was sick with what we think was the flu, then Theo sick and in the ER with the flu.  The day after I took Theo to the ER, Tim started feeling bad again.  He ended up sick and back at the doctor again.  He's still recovering, but things are looking up.  Thankful both kids and myself are healthy.

Last week, Madelyn got to play in her first teeball game.  Afterwards, I asked her favorite part and she said "shaking hands with everyone at the end".  Both kids got good hits and MJ stopped the ball a couple times. 

On Tuesday, while MJ was at preschool, a friend from church brought me over some lunch.  Yummy chili from Petro's.  Thanks Miss Bobbie!

Tuesday night was Madelyn's Kindergarten round-up, sniff sniff.  She was a little nervous going in to her new school.  But then she saw some fish in the main office and perked up.  I got her all signed up for school next year and she got to visit some of the kindergarten classrooms and meet the teachers.  Afterwards, she requested McDonald's for dinner so we went and grabbed some dinner and a big ice cream cone.  She was one happy camper.

Since Tim has been sick and at home "quarantined" all week, the kids and I have been getting out of the house as much as possible.  Theo started feeling better on Wednesday afternoon so we checked out some parks close by and hit up the grocery store.

This is MJ every morning.  She always complains about being cold so I told her to keep a sweatshirt next to her bed and she can pull it on every morning when she gets up.  Has been working like a charm.  And I love this sweatshirt from Tee.  Heather gave it to Madelyn when she was a tiny little tot.  Can't believe it fits her now.

Special time with baby girl before kids choir last night

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Indie Grace said...

Awww... Pretty soon my babies will have to visit Tee in the U. P. and stock up on more sweatshirts! Love u guys.