First Game


The kids' first teeball game was Thursday night.  Since Madelyn was running a fever, we kept her home and took just Theo.  Tim has strep throat, so he stayed home with MJ.  It was pretty cold so Theo and I bundled up and headed out to the field.

Theo wasn't so sure when he got there and saw tons of people.  But then he saw Mrs. Nova and Mrs. Bobbie and was happy to see some familiar faces.  His team took the field first and parents have to be out there with the kids which meant I went out there with him...oh boy!  He wasn't a huge fan of being out in the field...freezing cold!  But once it was his turn to bat, he got his helmet on and went up to the tee.  Such a big boy and I was so proud of him.

The next morning, Madelyn asked him how his game went.  Theo said his favorite part were the cheese crackers and gatorade at the end.  Silly Theo!  Looking forward to the next game and hoping both kiddos are able to play.

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