Weekly Roundup


What a fun week.  Going back to last Sunday night, a few gals from church went over to visit our friend, Heather, who had lung surgery a few weeks ago.  Fun time of laughs.

Monday mornings, the kids and I head down to West Knoxville for a bible study.  Always such a good morning spending time in God's word and chatting with new friends.  That night, Madelyn had dance class.  Tim normally takes her and this time Theo went along.  After that, they went to the Halls HS baseball game to see a few guys from church play.

While they were at the game, I joined some gals at the Outcry Tour at UT.  So so so good!  My feet were killing me by the time it was over, but definitely worth it.  Such a good line up of artists - Jesus Culture, Elevation Worship, Kari Jobe and Hillsong.  Brian Houston, the pastor of Hillsong Church was also there.

Wednesday morning, some gals and I went to a new exercise place.  It.was.hard.  An hour of kickboxing with no breaks.  I was so sore the next day.  We, of course, headed to Chick-fil-A after to play and eat.  Thursday night was another teeball game.  Again, so funny.  Both kids stopped some balls and got good hits.  Less sand on their gloves when the game was over.  Success.

Friday night was the carnival at Madelyn's new elementary school she'll start in the fall.  Most of the carnival was spent standing in lines, but the kids had lots of fun and were really good.  Their highlights were glitter tattoos, face painting and the train!

Another favorite activity of the week was jumping on the trampoline...with the sprinkler underneath.

Saturday, we had an open house for anyone involved in the worship ministry at Salem.  Thanks for all who stopped by our place!

Looking forward to another good week again.  Make it a great day or not...the choice is yours - our High School Principal used to always so that at the end of morning announcements every day.  Tim and I now say it to each other. 


Anonymous said...

What a fun blessed week!' Kickboxing....:) good for you!!! Mr. Haver would
Be SO proud:))

Indie Grace said...

Wow. Sounds like you guys are settling in. So glad you have people to do things with. The concert sounds like a blast but I would have loved kickboxing best. I used to do that. Great workout. Hey, how do you like my new avatar?