Theodore: 14 Months


Precious Theo boy,

-Almost walking!  So close!  You climb up and "cruise" on everything.  You'll try standing by yourself, but once you realize what you're doing, you sit right back down.

-You weigh about 20 lbs.  You go to the doctor again in about a month.  Getting long!

-Still wearing size 12-18 month clothes and 12 month pj's. In size 4 diaper.

-Such a fast crawler.  We have to run after you to catch you!

-Laughing at EVERYTHING!  Especially your sister.  You love her so much. Last night you two were just giggling non stop.  It was so cute.

-Going down at night around 7-7:30 and getting up between 7:30-8. Occasionally taking a morning nap for about an hour, but definitely an afternoon nap for a couple hours.

-You have 7 teeth and 2 bottom molars popping in.  You've handled them pretty well.  Occasional crankiness and TONS of drooling.

-You've participated in your first VBS this week.  Mommy and Daddy are both helping out so that means you and sissy are in the nursery.  You don't mind other people holding you, but when you see mommy and daddy coming to pick you up, you crawl soo fast over to us.  We love it.

-Celebrated your second 4th of July.  You hung out with family and friends at the Jones' house.  Enjoyed time eating and getting held by anyone in sight.

-You continue sucking that thumb!  Whatever helps you kiddo.  We'll break the habit later :)

-You had your first road trip and did very well in the car and sleeping somewhere other than home.

Happy 14 months little guy!

-Mommy and Daddy

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